Is card counting possible in online blackjack? 7 Reasons why it is not!

card counting is one of the most famous strategies in blackjack. Card counting applies not only to your own cards, but also the other cards that are put on the table.

Card counting provides a lower house edge at the casino, and a greater chance for you to win. It is also sometimes called the ultimate trick to beat the casino. Despite the fact that counting cards does not guarantee a profit, you do manage to make a better prediction with regard to the cards that are still ‘in play’.

Card counting started in land based casinos, but nowadays that may also be possible in online casinos. Or not? We will tell you if there are possibilities to count cards in online blackjack.

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The first thing people think of when it comes to beating the casinos is blackjack card counting. The reason is simple – card counting is everywhere in our culture. For example, a search on Amazon for books on “Blackjack Card Counting” returns almost 200 titles. Even more amazing is a Google search for “Blackjack Card Counting” that returns more than 300,000 results.

There are at least four famous feature films, (21, Rain Man, The high-pitched four in Las Vegas, Hangover) where card counting occurs. Card counting is also shown in countless documentaries, magazine articles, blogs, forums and YouTube videos. If you don’t want to learn all this yourself, you can learn card counting with simulation software, through online or offline training or even by hiring a personal card counting trainer .

What methods of card counting in online blackjack are there?

In blackjack you can count cards in various ways. You can choose the Hi-Lo strategy, where you simply give a score of -1, 0 or +1 to low, medium and high cards. This way you can better predict after a number of cards whether there will be a high or low card. It would be ideal to sit at the back of the table, because you can already see what cards the other players have received. The KO strategy and the Hi-Lo with expansion, or more options to add value to the low and high cards, are also popular among many players.

Cards counting depends on number of decks.

A deck is equal to 52 cards, from 2 to A and most in 4 symbols. Each game in blackjack has at least one deck, but more decks are more often chosen, usually between 4 and 8 from live tables games by Evolution Gaming. This makes counting cards a bit more difficult. Anyway, the possibilities are still there, especially in the land-based casinos. These casinos don’t like it when players are clearly counting cards as they see this as a form of manipulation in the game and it naturally results in a lower house edge.

Magicred casino live casino. card counting at blackjack online

So if you choose this in a land-based casino, you run the risk of getting a warning or even being sent out. In online casinos, no one can tell if you are counting the cards. The downside is that the value of this strategy in online blackjack is not entirely clear. Much is still unclear.

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The number of cards in a deck is essential to determining whether card counting really makes sense. Consider: with 4 decks there are a total of 208 cards in the game, and therefore four of the same editions of each card. With 8 decks this is even 416 cards. The possibilities to count cards in such a situation are unfavorable for you as a player.

The number of decks important.

To be able to count cards correctly in blackjack, the number of the decks present is important. For players, that number must be at least 50% or higher, which means that the decks are not shuffled before 50% of the number of cards have been played. In online casinos, the casinos cannot see you as a player, which means that counting cards online should be a lot simpler. The opposite is unfortunately true for all players.

Online casinos try to optimally counter the chance of counting cards. They do this, among other things, by looking at numbers. Before the level reaches 50%, the decks are normally shuffled again. This minimizes the chance of counting cards. Perhaps possible, but a lot less effective for the players who would like to try this. The house advantage that lies with casinos thus also remains online at a higher level for ‘the house’.

Should you want to use the card counting strategy online?

That is a good question. Card counting is normally a very good strategy, but every effort is made in both online and land-based casinos to minimize the chance of this happening. Due to the high number of the decks, it is no longer a watertight strategy to count the cards. You can still use it, but at most as a guide when choosing an extra card, and no longer with the expectation that you will make a good prediction.

Does online blackjack give you information about decks for card counting?

That depends entirely on the online casino where you play. Most online casinos provide information about the number of decks in advance, but not always about the penetration of the cards. So you don’t know that much yet, because from 2 or 3 decks the number of decks does not necessarily matter anymore, while the penetration of the cards becomes essential at that moment.

I’m here to tell you not to count cards in blackjack. Do not do it. If you want to beat online casinos, there are easier, more profitable, and less obvious ways to do it. You can legally beat any game in the house, with luck. I’ll give you the top 7 reasons why you should never count cards in blackjack.

7 Reasons to stop bothering about card counting.

  1. It is difficult to learn card counting.
  2. It is difficult to find a good game.
  3. It is difficult to really count cards in a casino.
  4. The profit potential is very low.
  5. The bankroll fluctuations can be brutal.
  6. You might get caught
  7. After you are caught, your picture will be publicly distributed.

REASON NO. 1: It’s hard to learn card counting.

First you have to learn everything about the rule variations (things like “double after split”, “late surrender” and so on). Then you need to learn basic strategies for the game you will be playing. Basic strategy means that you have to memorize 250 different game decisions. After that, you need to learn a card counting system, like Hi-Lo.

Mastering card counting includes learning to keep up with running counts and how to divide by fractions to get the true count. You need to learn at least 18 game indexes – numbers that tell you when to change your strategy. You will also need to learn how much to bet based on your bankroll, risk tolerance and count. Issues like “Kelly Betting” and “Risk of Ruin” become part of your curriculum. And so on! There is a LOT to learn.

Does online blackjack give you information about decks for card counting

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REASON NO. 2: It is difficult to find a blackjack table that allow card counting.

Casinos know that card counters will try to beat their games. Online casinos also recognize that they are in business to make a profit. For these reasons, you will likely find that most games have poor rules (such as “Blackjack pays 6-5″ or ” Dealer beats Soft 17 “). You can also place the cut card on 1.5 or even 2 decks from the end of the shoe so that counting is almost worthless. Rules like “no mid-shoe entry” make it impossible to count the shoe back (join game / shoe when the count gets high). As a result, you are likely to spend a lot more time looking for good games than playing good games.

REASON NO. 3: It’s really hard to count card in online casinos.

Now that you’ve mastered counting and found a decent game, you actually have to play it in a casino. That means coping with all the distractions you’ll encounter at the table. This includes loud background music, cigarette and cigar smoke, other players who are annoying, the game master and the dealer who speaks to you and everything else that is going on around you.

If you lose the count, the rest of the shoe will be worthless to you. But the biggest challenge is that after all your hard work, you can’t play very long. As soon as the casino begins to suspect that you are a card counter, you will have to leave. Usually you have less than an hour of good game time.

REASON NO. 4: The profit potential of card counting is very low.

There is an almost general misconception that you can make a lot of money by counting cards. This is simply not the case. You won’t make millions. You probably won’t even make thousands. The table below lists the practical win rate when you have a maximum bet of 100.

card counting possible in online blackjack? 7 Reasons why it is not

Suppose you find a big six-deck game that offers late surrender (LSR) where the dealer is on Soft17 (S17). The casino is also assumed to be very generous and hands out the cut card from the end of the deck (52 cards). Then your win rate is only $ 27.25 per 100 hands. Typically, you will find games without a surrender where the dealer hits Soft-17 (H17) and the cut card is placed on 1.5 decks (78 cards). In this case, your win rate is only $ 15.50 per 100 hands. At a typical game pace of 60 hands an hour, you will earn less than $ 10 an hour.

You might be happy with $ 10, but that’s for the time you’re actually playing. Your travel time, scouting time and accounting time are not included.

REASON NO. 5: THE BANK ROLL fluctuations can be brutal.

If you belong to forums where professional card counters share their experiences over periods of months or years, you will regularly hear stories of streaks of bad luck that last for hundreds of hours.

For example, when playing the H17 game mentioned above, after 500 hours of play, about one in six players will only randomly lose. Card counters often speak in terms of playing tens of thousands of hands to be reasonably confident before the game.

Large losses have a financial and psychological impact. Few start counters appreciate how bad it can get. In short, card counting is not a money machine.

REASON NO. 6: You might get caught.

Card counting is old. There are tons of information available about card counting. Card counters are in every casino that offers shoe or hand-handed blackjack. For this reason, precautions and protective measures are taken in every casino where counting may be possible. These precautions typically involve training personnel and management to learn how to spot meters.

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I know counters get caught because learn casino management and how to catch counters. It’s easy to see counters if you know what to look for. And you only need a few hands in land based casinos.

Here are just a few of the signs of card counters that management is looking for:

  • Hold bets in a wide range of numbers (typically 6-to-1 for double-deck and 10-to-1 for six-deck).
  • Use insurance when the maximum bet is placed, otherwise no insurance.
  • Double strongly when the maximum bet is out (e.g. 10 against T / A, 9 against 7).
  • 12 against 4/5/6 or 13 against 2/3 when the minimum bet is out.
  • Suspend or leave the table after several minimum bets.
  • Play alone and don’t drink alcohol.
  • If you want to maintain your ability to count cards, you have to learn to disguise your game. Add these points to your to-learn list.

REASON NO. 7: After you are caught, your picture will be publicly distributed.

If you are a card counting guy then you will be caught pretty quickly. It’s just too easy. If that happens, the casino will likely take several high-resolution pictures of you to distribute. When I was a counter, there were cameras playing recordings on VCR and pixel images of suspected card counters were faxed to neighboring casinos.

Now your multi-megabyte images, along with details about your game and any other information available, will be shared on subscription websites.. This will make it even easier for future casinos to pick you up and kick you out.

Summary of card counting in online blackjack.

Blackjack’s basic strategy and card counting are difficult skills to master. Even if everything is correct, the profitability of card counting is small, while the fluctuations can be very strong. You won’t be able to play in a casino for long until you get caught. So get ready for a lot of traveling and scouting. Once you are exposed, your picture will be publicly distributed and your game options will be limited.

I’ve been involved in casino protection for over a decade and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the people who beat casinos for real money are not card counters. They are lucky players. Blackjack card counting is at the bottom of the list when it comes to the different ways to beat casino games. If your goal is to play at a casino advantage, there are much quicker and easier ways to learn than blackjack card counting.

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