Casino account verification: 2 Reasons why is it important?

For many new online players, casino account verification means having to verify their identity and account which they do not fully understand the necessity of. Learn why this is very important

Casino account verification is mandatory in Europe. Some players will be asked to verify the player account before they can withdraw. A lot of them will take it as they have been deceived or that the casino is trying to stick sticks in the reels of someone who has been lucky to play.

In addition, European online casinos may not have been adept at communicating why this verification needs to be done. Plus customer support at many foreign casinos have not received the training needed to provide reasonable answers to players’ frustrated questions about casino account verification.

Casino account verification measures against money laundering.

Money games were once a favorite medium for laundering money that was not of pure origin. Making it appear as if one had won a lottery or similar lucky games so that the money could be taken into the system and put into bank accounts. They could then be moved relatively smoothly across national and international borders.

As the countries began to cooperate financially and security improved, forms of making money transfers became traceable. This means that one should be able to follow money back to a legal origin. This is usually known as Source of Funds or Source of Wealth. In today’s high-tech society, this might not be a problem. However, tracking can come into conflict with a few other important human rights, such as the right to anonymity and the right to privacy.

These give you the right to refuse, for example, Google from following your online activities and sending you targeted advertising. In other words, it is forbidden to follow your electronic tracks unless you suspect that you are doing something criminal and it is then the courts that will follow your tracks, not any business, organization or private person.

Casino account verification for European and Canadian players.

Casino account verification: 2 Reasons why is it important in online casino

Gaming market’s special position in European countries and Canada means that it is now very popular and accept all players from 18+. Online casino players can make direct deposits using their bank card or e-wallet. Not all information is sent to the casino during these transactions, but still allow you to deposit and withdraw money directly to your bank account regardless the country you are in or the source of the funds. This complies with all rules, you are anonymous, while the money transactions are traceable.

Most casinos are completely open about which documents are needed to verify the account and one of these is a copy of identification. This is usually a passport copy, ID card or driving license.

The launch of the new ID cards that would meet European standards was announced twelve years ago, but has since been delayed in different countries. This means that depending on your country of origin and residence, you may be required to provide the appropriate Identity document. One of the following three: National ID card, Driving license, Passport.

Why is the casino account verification important.

So when we know that money transactions can be tracked we understand why a casino that follows international agreements requires you to verify your account before withdrawing. This is because if suspicion arises then one should be able to trace the transactions back to a legal origin.

Now you may be wondering why you are not required to verify to make deposits. This is probably because these are usually so small amounts that it does not matter. Also because we start creating account and depositing with our own will.

All required documents for a complete casino account verification.

Normally, a copy of the debit/credit card with which you made a deposit will be required. This is required in part because we check that you own the card. For security purposes, you should hide the 8 digits in the middle of card (front side) and the CVV2 number at the back of it. You may also be asked to send a a screenshot of your e-wallet account if you have deposited using Skrill, Neteller or Paypal.

A government-issued valid identification card is also required. For us EU customers who do not have a public ID card then we must resort to other government issued documents such as passports and ∕ or driver’s licenses. If you do not have a driver’s license or passport then you are now in a predicament and should get a passport, which is probably the easiest option of the two.

Proof of residence address. This is also required to ensure that you are who you say you are and that you live where you say you live. Proof of home address can be a household bill such as water, electricity or garbage charges for example. A phone bill usually does not hold. Your name and address should be clear and the document must not be older than three months.

Do not play at online casinos that promise you to pay winnings without verification. Chances are, you will never be paid. That’s because all regulated casinos such as Genesis, or LuckLand Casino are obliged to ask you for such documents.
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