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Best online casinos are sometimes hard to find. New casinos are popping up all the time and there are now a very large number of online casinos to choose from. Often a new online casino is also better in some areas than the older ones, although there are of course exceptions. What often marks a new casino is a modern and exciting design, a large selection of new games and really good bonus offers.

It is often tempting to be quick to test out the new casinos that emerge on stage, and it can be rewarding to be out early to take part in their often generous launch bonuses.

Another new year that will most likely mean a number of new casinos is here! As usual, we will be presenting all the latest casinos on this site so stay tuned here during the year to be the first with the latest. This year, we expect the pace of new launches to increase slightly compared to previous years. What do we expect from this year with online casinos? We believe in more theme casinos, more Pay’N Play with fast registration and above all, refreshments of older casinos during the year. Keep an eye out for the new launch of new online casinos.

The advantage of best online casinos.

Benefits of best online casinos. The design of the newly launched online casinos is often prominent and at the forefront. The experience is naturally enhanced by everything being neat and enchanting. Another functional advantage of the design is that it is in principle of all best online casinos extremely well adapted to work on the mobile phone. This means that you get an equally enjoyable experience no matter what device you use.

The bonus of the best online casinos are often extremely well received, to entice you from your existing favorite site. Therefore, it may be extra interesting to give a best online casino a chance, as it can generate a lot of extra in the gaming wallet.

The customer service function is often very well developed as this is another front where you compete against other best or new online casinos. A well-functioning customer service with multiple ways to reach them, and fast professional answers are not uncommon at best online casinos. Nowadays, you can get help with your questions around the clock at several casinos.

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, there is usually absolutely nothing to complain about. No matter which way you want to withdraw or deposit money, this option will be available at the best online casinos. Here, too, you can compete against the older casinos by offering free deposits and withdrawals or new technical solutions such as Interac or Trustly.

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Nowadays, you don’t have to be as worried about testing the best online casino as long as it has a UK or Malta license. Then the Gaming Commission has already checked the casino and the company behind, a clear advantage compared to how it was previously a bit risky to be early as a new player. The best online casinos of this year that we review on this site have gone through and passed both the Gaming Inspection filter and our criteria for good casinos.

You need to look at things like whether the casino is organized by a reputable and reliable player organizer, what software the casino uses and whether the casino has contact information you can reach them at and a physical address. The most reliable online casinos are open with their business and are happy to share their address and contact information and usually have a good customer service. Unreliable online casinos tend to try to hide contact information for you instead. Be careful when looking for newly started casinos and be sure to choose a casino from our list of the best online casinos to make sure you come to a casino that has a good reputation and can be trusted at 100%.

Are new casinos better than the best online casinos?

In some cases it is actually so! The latest trend in online casinos shows that players are making more efforts by developing casino gaming into an adventure where you get bonuses and prizes through progress in the adventure. Like a video game, you travel through different worlds. That is why it can be very interesting to try out new casinos on the English market, they have certainly put in a lot of effort to make you enjoy it!

A thriving market.

In December 2018, a survey was conducted on new and best online casinos. Industry experts in the online casino world had to answer the question “How many new online casinos will be launched in the market in 2019”. The answers varied slightly, but the average estimate ended up somewhere around 30 new companies throughout the year.

During the first month of 2019, a whole 18 new online casinos were launched and that is a figure that we did not count on. The figure, which according to experts, would end up somewhere between 2-3 new companies for January, thus landed significantly higher instead. This is a trend that will probably continue.

Of course, the market will not tolerate 18 new options every month. Rather, we see a trend similar to the childhood of automobile production. Initially, there were countless car brands in each country, after which one by one went under and / or swallowed by the larger and more competitive car manufacturers. We saw the same pattern in the Internet’s childhood when countless IT companies were started and provided with large funds by venture capitalists – after which most went under in connection with the IT bubble burst in the early 2000s. Only the most stable and viable survived.

We now see something similar in the online casino world. Sometime in the future, the bottom should fall out, and only the most stable and sensible will survive. But the online casino industry is on the rise right now, there is no doubt whatsoever. The best online casinos are here to stay.

For players, this means that every day you get the chance to try something new and that new bonuses and free spins are released every day, which means more chances to win money. We at CasinoOnline.Fan are constantly following developments and on this page you will find the best online casinos with the most delicious bonuses you can enjoy today. We are constantly looking for and updating the site with the very best and latest offers regarding casinos and bonuses.

The focus is shifted to the customer.

To establish yourself as a new company in an already crowded market, a lot of preliminary work and customer adaptation is required from the casinos. To adapt their product to what the players want, is becoming increasingly relevant to game developers and more and more emphasis is placed on keeping their customers happy, rather than just pumping out game after game without analyzing games’ impact on customer’s overall experience.

In a time of constant development in a market that just seems to be growing, as a new player it can be difficult to navigate the jungle of alternatives available today. The following text aims to clarify concepts and offers to explore which trends are most prominent, which offers seem the most lucrative and what you as a customer should think about as you begin your career in the online casinos’ colorful corridors.

Where is the biggest emphasis placed on a new vs best online casinos?

We have listed four important aspects that are particularly important for start-up casinos. We have chosen these four points in this section to go a little closer to give you an insight into how we think about what makes a best online casino and gives them good opportunities to compete against new online casinos in one of the most competitive markets out there.Casino X review bonus rating online

  • Game Developer.
  • Focus on mobility.
  • Games with responsibility and safety.
  • Game Selection.

Game Developer.

New games are constantly evolving to enable companies to provide a unique experience for their customers. Offering a tailor-made experience, tailored to several tastes, can be the recipe for success. However, this is not always the case. With a quick review of the supply on online casino market, it quickly becomes clear that everything that is usually about the same offering, packaged in different cases. Some slot machines, such as Starburst, is represented in virtually every game catalog. Choosing a company with more game developers can give you a certain advantage when it comes to innovative slots.

Net Entertainment is regarded as one of the most respected and well-established companies for game development today. The company, headquartered in Stockholm, primarily develops casino software and is a supplier to a number of gaming operators, with modern classics such as Starburst and Gonzos Quest in its catalog.

Yggdrasil Gaming is another company in progress. At Yggdrasil you place more focus on the aesthetic and provide beautiful, aesthetically well-made games. In such a competitive industry as game development, new companies must find their niche to take their place in the market. Yggdrasil has focused on the details, which is evident in their range.

Microgaming offers a directory of over 600 games. Slots, video poker, blackjack and roulette are awarded, but the developer is constantly researching the market to produce new products to suit the large crowd.

Working with large, well-established game developers lays a solid foundation for sister companies to build from. We can see a clear trend where companies with partnerships with some or all of the big names seem to be doing better. Players like to recognize themselves, but also, occasionally, want to feel surprised. A combination of well-established and new developers, seems to be the way to go. This is also seen in the casinos for which it works best. In addition to the established game developers, you will find small and exciting developers in their quarters that have carved out distinct niches.

Focus on mobility.

In a market with a greater range than is clearly foreseen, it is close to the requirement to also offer mobile-adapted casinos for a free gaming experience. Today, there are various opportunities for the companies to provide this function. HTML5 technology is a technique used to adapt an internet site to the smaller screens on eg. mobile or tablet. For example, non-mobile pages will Not zoom and scroll as they should, leading to a messy overall experience. Mobile customizing the game page or offering a downloadable app to use via iOS or Android are usually the most popular options. A downloadable app should be free to download and should include the ability to play for free before deciding.

Games with responsibility and safety.

To profile oneself as responsible and reliable is becoming more and more of a trend as the market grows. It may sound like the most obvious thing in the world, that you as a new player want a safe and secure gaming experience. Most casinos are relatively safe so it is primarily about how the companies convey their responsibility. Gambling addiction is a real problem and if a page seems to take its responsibility, through links to help with gambling addiction, with Game breaks, self-tests, game limits and cooling-off periods and guides for people with problems, the site can be seen as more reliable than the alternatives. A major focus on customer health seems to be a trend that is spreading more and more among the best online casinos.

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Game Selection.

The gaming directory is perhaps the biggest factor in a potential customer’s choice of casino. A company can profile itself as secure or customer focused, but if the company does not offer attractive entertainment in the form of popular games, it will be difficult to establish itself in the market. Nowadays we expect several hundred games from several developers to fulfill the requirements we place on a game catalog. At a quick overview of the various online casinos’ front page, it quickly becomes obvious that everything is usually focused on the range of games .

There are popular games like Starburst and Mega Fortune, with TV commercials that attract the most new customers. With a well-developed directory, containing the biggest and most well-known names, but without the number of games being clear, seems to be a trend that many new casinos choose to follow. Excessive gambling supply leads to a difficult overview of the casino landscape, and too little supply leads to monotony. The golden line is somewhere in between.

New slots machines.

The best online casinos are, of course, expected to offer the opportunity to play on the very latest games and slot machines from many different game providers. Major gaming providers like NetEnt should keep an eye out as they regularly and often release new games of the highest quality.

Games from NetEnt usually have a high RTP, often over 95%, which means that there are great opportunities to make money even with low stakes on the slot machines. Nowadays casinos often allow you to play slot machines in “Fun Mode” or “Practice Mode” before you deposit money. This is perfect since you do not have to buy the pig in the bag and can be sure to have real fun when you play for real money.

Trends in the best online casinos.
  • Games with responsibility.
  • Casino without registration.
  • Quick withdrawals.
  • Sports Betting.
  • Streamlined design.
  • Subject Casinos.
  • Mobile Casino.

Games with responsibility.

Perhaps this is due to the volatile situation in the world today, with new media reports on war and conflict every day. Maybe it’s about a paradigm shift in how we view our outside world and the people in it. Maybe it’s just about profit-maximizing propaganda. Regardless of what the underlying motive is, a new trend seems to be increasingly seen in the casino world. Taking care of each other can sound like a cliché, especially when the words come from the casino industry, an industry that is based on shoeing themselves at the expense of others.

But a quick look online and a selection of all the options available to players today, shows that more and more companies want to profile themselves as ethically responsible. To offer support and assistance When it comes to gambling addiction and others, problems that arise through online gambling, are becoming more and more common.

There are often links to institutions that can help you with gambling addiction and it is becoming increasingly important for new companies to provide effective customer service. It is no longer just to answer questions via email, but now there should preferably be both telephone support and chat function.

Putting the focus on responsibility, be it a sales ploy but it does not detract from the importance of service is increasingly seen as a matter of course for new companies to build their brand around. Some online casinos spend extra money on profiling themselves as responsible, which also seems to resonate in the market.

Loyalty Bonus.

This was previously a popular feature among professional players and big players. However, loyalty bonuses and multi-stage bonuses are now not allowed in some the regulated market.

Sports Betting.

Sports betting at the best online casinos. This is where it really began. Before the casino entered the market, with its exciting slot machines and enticing poker tables, it was sports betting that dominated the market. Today, the focus has been shifted to casino games. Slots, roulette wheels and blackjack tables have forced the bookmaker away from the casino floor. If you look at trends in the gaming industry today, however, the bookmaker seems to be ready to come back.

A few online casinos today offer the opportunity for games at classic vintage sports events. There are so many alternatives for the sports lover that it was previously not seen as a need for the casino world to offer sports betting, but if you look at the most popular sites in the past year, a trend seems to crystallize.

Sports Betting. Turnover huge sums every year and it is also in the world of sports that the really big money for marketing exists. Sports betting is simply more visible than the slot machines. The sport shines brighter and is heard more in the global space. Every weekend, the big game companies’ logos are seen rolling around on advertising signs in football arenas all over the world. By adding sports betting to the casino experience, the online casino enables the most experienced and experienced players to enter the casino market.

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Streamlined design.

Navigate 10 randomly selected online casinos, and you’ll have a bit of a deja-vu experience. The design and graphic of the platform are often similar, with some variations in theme and color choices. There is plenty of research that highlights the importance of color selection as a factor in a potential customer’s overall picture of the company or service being provided.

Some pages offer an explosion of colors and flashing lights. In the long run, it becomes stressful for the player and he / she will look elsewhere. To create a neat, simple, but also accommodating design, is difficult, and some new casinos do better than others. The design often follows previously tested techniques, which also lead to similar experiences. For the best online casino to stand out in the crowd, a well-developed layout and design is required, which balances on the boundary between eye-catching color choices and streamlined design.

Subject Casinos.

To diversify, many casinos and game developers choose to follow prevailing trends in popular culture. What is “inside”, right now? It could be Hollywood’s new blockbuster, a band selling platinum or a destination that seems to be on everyone’s lips. By listening to the discourse, the casino world has begun to adapt its offerings to what the people seem to find interesting right now.

There are travel-themed casinos, where pictures of beautiful paradise beaches roll in the background. Some slot machines have a particular movie or music theme where the design is based on images or color choices from well-known films and series such as Indiana Jones or South Park , on music giants like Jimi Hendrix or Guns n ‘Roses or at current events like the Football World Cup or the Olympic Games.

New themes and casino trends.

Many of the best online casinos try to break away from prevailing trends in the casino world in different ways. For example, Las Vegas and glamor themes have been common for a long time, but are now beginning to be replaced by party themes and humor themes as well as various cult themes.

In addition, most casinos have focused on offering games from many different suppliers rather than a few, as well as targeting multiple different platforms and types of end users. This has made us players more comfortable playing at the online casino and now can choose from hundreds of different games that we can play either on the computer at home or on a mobile device or tablet while we’re out and about.

The newest casinos usually have a special focus on mobile users and on games that can be played directly in smartphones and tablets which is perfect for us who like to be able to play anytime and anywhere.

The newest casinos from the most reliable and largest suppliers usually have big promotions in connection with the launch to encourage people to register and start playing. This means that there are very good opportunities to take advantage of large welcome bonuses, free spins and deposit bonuses of various kinds once you register at one of these best online casinos.

We have a lot to thank for Trustly for the 2018 most definitely trend. Thanks to their technical solution we were able to start playing casinos without registration and with lightning quick deposits and withdrawals. This is really something that is here to stay as this solution is also well suited for the new gaming license. This year, we expect this to continue to increase in popularity along with other options for smooth registrations and transactions.

By always keeping your finger on the pulse, online casinos and game developers now seem to be following the same path as countless advertising and marketing experts have gone before them. The customer is always on the lookout for the latest and by analyzing global trends in film, music, travel, sports and fashion, well updated online casinos can rise above the competition.

Mobile Casino.

In a world where virtually everyone goes around with the internet in their pocket, a push of a button, it is becoming increasingly important for all companies to be integrated into the global exchange of information. If a new casino does NOT offer a mobile service, it will be difficult to compete.

We live in a connected time. New research claims that, on average, we spend a total of 23 days a year on our phones. 23 days! It’s an incredible amount of time. Online casinos have not been late in noticing this trend and often offer special features in connection with mobile games. These can be bonus offers that can only be used on mobile phones or newsletters via SMS with gifts such as free spins and matching bonuses.

To review the best online casino.

Best online casinos are almost more important than newest ones to check properly before registering and starting to play as there may not always be as many reviews to read from other players. That is why we review new online casinos as soon as we can after they have been released to give you a good picture of the casino before you spin away among the slot machines with your hard-earned slots.


In summary, we can state that the online gaming market is booming. It is growing every day and best online casinos have to adapt to compete in the market. By following trends such as increased demands on mobility, loyalty systems and greater customer focus, combined with a well-sorted range of games from well-established suppliers and a streamlined, stylish and aesthetically pleasing platform design, new casinos can build a stable foundation to work from. As a new customer, you should investigate the possibilities of customer support and what types of welcome offers different casinos offer before making your choice.

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