From offline to online casino: what has changed

Offline to Online Casino: It is no denial that as our world evolves, the move from offline to online casino has been a major key point to enable access to such game to the mass. What has changed since the beginning of the casino?

From offline to online casino. Lately, all kinds of casinos and researchers have come out with conclusions about the connection between offline and online casinos. The Live Casino is a good example of a smart connection between online gambling and a visit to a ‘real’ physical casino . This morning we had to think about that in an article in the newspaper. It was about the advent of web shops and the empty shopping streets. What about offline and online casinos?

At the newspaper article we thought, there must be no news in the world or readers are fed up with an ongoing topic. Then the media grab a topic from their grab bag. One of the topic then gives the article ‘shop vs online shop’. Two or three ‘experts’ are called and a newspaper page is filled in no time.

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Whatever arguments are added, the common thread is adjusting to the changes. In the successful examples, you could also speak of ‘making use of’. We do not only have to look at shop vs web store for this. Before we look at offline and online casinos, there are some nice examples from the past.


The film world watched the rise of television in the 1950s with fear and trembling. Their earnings model was simple: making a movie and earning money from the sale of movie tickets. But if people have a television at home, why would they still go to the movies.

Of course, television was a threat. And it took a while for fear to turn into a positive and creative attitude. Then a smart movie boss thought that television could also offer new possibilities. He dabbed over his old films, which were dusted in physical archives, and showed them on television. An adapted revenue model was born.

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The film bosses had hardly adapted when television came or the video recorder made its appearance. Once again film bosses had to consider their working method. They had already discovered television as an advertising medium for promoting their films in the cinema.


The world is constantly changing. So adjusting will always be necessary. Fear of it makes little sense. You will discover this the fastest if you are interested in history. Take a book from the time when a change was going on. The moment when the fear is still in it. You can read the arguments that arose from that fear among the ‘victims’, politicians and others.

Then you will read more recent books on how the changes have worked out. In the light of the previous arguments, the nonsense of fear and fear is revealed. It is better to be creative.

Sport and radio.

A nice example, before we go to the casino, is also the arrival of the radio. Major sports clubs at this time also had to rely on ticket sales. Suddenly a radio reporter arrives to report directly on a match for people at home. Sports clubs initially tried to keep that reporter out.

The main argument was, ‘why would we give something away (competition experience) that we need ourselves to keep our company afloat’. In bad weather, the radio was a complete threat. Later it turned out that the radio actually attracted more visitors, people who never went to a match before got excited. Betting on matches also became more accessible and more common.

Offline to online casino.

Casino owners experience such effects now. In 2000, with the emergence of online casinos, they feared a drop in the number of visitors. But the gambling world is per-eminently good at adapting: casino game developers are often the first to work with new techniques and respond well to market developments.

After the first reaction, the gambling bosses quickly assumed a different attitude. An attitude of accepting, embracing and especially looking where opportunities lie. This created new business and revenue models. Obviously, not all of them were successful. And often the effects of the adjustments could only be determined much later.

Twenty years later.

With the advent of online games, it was of course not just about the casino boss’s ideas but also about the technical possibilities. He had to take into account all kinds of other matters, for example political policy was an important part and in many cases still is. Twenty years later, this is clearly visible in the differences per country.

But there is also a common thread of adjustment and of the results. As technological advances continue, it is clear that offline and online casinos have found a certain balance. They have grown together and have come to an almost synergistic symbiosis (two different worlds that together are more than the sum of the two separately).

Stronger and bigger.

There are casino bosses who have released their conclusions about the changes in the past four years. Scientists have also looked at how offline and online casino went together. Together it gives a nice picture. It also makes it clear that people can still learn from each other, in cases where offline and online gambling providers work separately.

A researcher notes that offline casinos (in the US they speak of ‘land based’) gained many new customers by also offering online games. A large proportion of those customers previously only played online. But many also went to play in the offline casino. And of existing customers, who had not been in a while, several returned due to online play.

Many players also played offline in the physical casino on their own initiative. However, casino bosses realized that they could also use the registration database as a promotional medium. With online premiums they lured players to the casino. And vice versa, because in the end it does not matter to them where the income comes from.

Offline to online.

For the latter benefit, offline to online casino play had to be in one hand. For the offline casino with its existing licenses, the step to offering online was also easier. In some countries, the government still strives for that one hand when issuing online gambling licenses. But offline to online can also work together if they are not in one hand.

This happened, for example, in Great Britain, a country group with its own gambling history. The government uses an open market there. There are offline gambling providers. This not only concerns casinos as we know them, but also, for example, bingo halls. And there are online casino providers that maintain one or more gambling websites.

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Playing online now appears to have only been an addition to the existing gambling environment. It provided extra income from (gambling) tax , more employment and the like. And collaboration by two or more independent companies (offline and online) resulted in cost savings, greater reach to a target group and other benefits.

Public expansion.

In almost all countries with offline to online casinos, researchers and gambling bosses find that the composition of their audience has expanded. Online games initially appealed to young people in particular. Many then also found their way to the physical casino. However, that did depend on the situation; in remote areas, for example, the step to online was greater.

Researchers don’t just look at age. They also look at gender, nationality, ethnicity, occupation, and sometimes even orientation. These are the so-called demographic aspects. In practice, it is only in such quantities that it is still possible to make some distinction between online and offline players. It turns out, for example, that in a certain area the Chinese prefer to play offline and Australian especially online.

Offline to Online Casino: Growth.

We let some casino bosses have their say again. A physical casino in New Jersey started offering an online casino for home players a few years ago. After three years, three clearly distinguishable groups appeared in their member database. In addition to offline or online roulette players, almost 10% use both forms. Of that group, almost every player started roulette online. Casino boss’s conclusion: online generates extra income and appeals to a new target group, which also benefits the physical casino.

The manager of the well-known Caesar Palace notes something similar with poker. He saw earnings from the poker game in his casino grow after Caesar Entertainment also offered online poker. His membership consists of many players who started online. And the holding’s database consists of 80% players who are registered online after the introduction.
Caesar also experiences that many online players start playing physical poker. How much does he want to say, but that online is a great marketing tool for offline. Incidentally, also to make old inactive players enthusiastic again for the poker game in the physical casino.


As mentioned, external factors play an important role in the creative adjustment process of gambling companies. Several countries are still struggling with a policy regarding online gambling and / or the combination of offline and online. In addition, for casino bosses, the government is often the main stumbling block in the implementation of online business models.

In some countries, the previously discussed fear of the unknown emerges. For example, they have income from state lotteries and foresee a fall in income. Other governments are betting on Britain’s findings of growing revenues and employment, sometimes without directly embracing the open market model.

Several forms are conceivable. Casino bosses now know that combining from offline to online casino brings benefits. What individual countries decide is important. But the casino bosses can take a more or less casual attitude. The past teaches, they adapt to it.

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