Online Slots Machines: 7 Features you should know about

A couple of weeks ago we wrote a little bit about online slots machines features and pay-table. So this time we will take a look at those that have been around for a while and that you may have already played with, and maybe you have done it without knowing how they really work.

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Online slot machines are very popular among casino players and there is an endless amount and variety of games and themes. New technology has enabled game developers to constantly come up with new features and innovations. Things that make us enjoy even more with the games. The features and innovations give us variety and entertainment, without making the games more complicated or requiring more of us as players.

Nevertheless, it happens that more than one of us happens to feel a little overwhelmed by everything new and that is what we hope to facilitate with this little article. The more you understand what is going on both in the game and at the online casino, the better for you and the safer you will feel.

It is impossible to list all the features found in online slots machines for the various game providers. However, most of them are similar, though not identical and they are found under many different names and designations.

7 online slots machines features to remember.

Bonus Games and Free Spins.

These should not be confused with the casino bonuses that the casino provides. Here we talk about bonus games and free spins in slot machines. This is something a large part that online slots machines offers and it is often the big star of the game. It may not be called a feature as such, but something extra built into the game. A game inside the game, actually. Sometimes it can be completely different from the main game at other times it is a variation of the main game with extra features, prizes, winning odds and such.

A bonus game will in most cases be activated by spinning at least three scatters. This can then trigger free spins played with the same bet as the spin that triggered the bonus game, or it can trigger a whole new game within the game. One of the most eagerly awaited bonus games is that of progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. Just watch the video below.

Spinning or re-spinning as many people call it.

We can say for simplicity that spinning is a variant of free spins. However, it is not triggered by three scatters as free spins or bonus games often become. But there is another feature of the game that will trigger the spin. Spinning is a feature often used in games with race or avalanche spins.

Then some of the symbols will remain on your game plan while new ones will fill empty spaces. However, spinning is not only reserved for avalanche games, it can also occur in regular slot machines that use spinning reels. Sometimes all the wheels will be spun again and sometimes some symbols will be locked, while the rest of the symbol spaces will be spun.

The breed feature called avalanche, rolling reels, tumbling reels and falling reels

Features have many names and so it is of course also in online slot machines. Sometimes one of the game studios will launch a new feature under a given name, and if it is a good feature that makes the game more interesting or eye-catching then the other game developers would like to pick it up and create something similar and give it another name. This is how the race function went. It became immensely popular and has been used in many variations by many different game developers.

We are not one hundred percent sure that it was NetEnt who first came up with the breed feature under the name avalanche, but it was at least where we first became aware of it and it is quite spectacular to watch.

Instead of spinning as we are used to with the reels of online slots machines, so in a game that uses a race, the symbols will fall from above and onto their symbol spaces in the game plan. In some cases, any winning symbols in a pay line can be removed and new ones fall from above and fill in the empty spaces, at other times there may be other events in the game that cause some of the symbol spaces to become empty and filled up by new ones. Gonzo’s Quest is a classic example of an automaton that uses this feature.

A little nudge in the form of a nudge.

Nudge is a feature of online slots machines. This is a feature that can be activated after the wheels have stopped spinning and it will often be used in spins that have not gained any profit. What happens is one or more of the wheels are given a small push so that one or more new symbols appear. This is a feature that gives you a little chance when you think the spin has ended. NetEnt has used this feature in several online slots machines. Examples are The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays or simply Temple of Nudges .

online casinos slots games at casinos. Online Slots Machines: 7 Features you should know about

Cluster or clusters.

In mathematics, clusters are called clusters in Norwegian, so we often choose to use this term in our reviews and articles. Not because we are very good at math, but because the core of the slot machines is mathematical.

The classic online slots machines had, as you know, wheels and in the industry, the term wheels will be used for the symbol positions in the machines, although there are no wheels on modern video machines. When the symbols land in certain places called paylines or paylines then it will create a win for the player. However, in slot machines that use classrooms this is not the case. Then there are symbols that are close to each other that trigger profits. How many will vary from online slots machines to online slots machines , so check the game’s rules of the game.


This is a big favorite among players as this will outweigh your winnings by a given factor. The factor will often be stated as x2, x3, x6 etc. What triggers this will also vary from slot machine to slot machine. One of the machines that uses this feature is Winterberries from Yggdrasil Gaming.

Double or nothing.

This is a feature that can add so much extra tension to your heart’s beat. It’s all about betting what you’ve won in a spin to either double what you won or lose it all. On small gains this is a relatively straightforward and painless feature, but once you have won a larger amount on a spin and bet it for double or nothing then it can get quite nerve-wracking.

Some online slots machines will have this feature available after all winning spins, others will provide it only on given occasions.

All features featured in modern online slots machines will work equally well on mobile devices and will be available at the best mobile casinos.

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