4.0 rating
Accepted Countries: Canada, Ireland, New Zealand
4.8 rating
Accepted Countries: Canada, Ireland, New Zealand
4.3 rating
Accepted Countries: UK, Canada, Ireland
3.8 rating
Accepted Countries: Canada, Ireland, South Africa
3.8 rating
Accepted Countries: Canada, Ireland, South Africa
4.3 rating
Accepted Countries: Canada, Ireland, New Zealand
4.0 rating
Accepted Countries: UK, Canada, Ireland
3.5 rating
Accepted Countries: UK, Canada, Ireland
4.5 rating
Accepted Countries: UK, Canada, Ireland

PayPal is a payment service that has grown really big in recent years . They started in 1998 and have since gained more than 137 million users worldwide. And it is not entirely without reason that PayPal is used by so many. Perhaps the main reason for their popularity is that the service is both smooth and simple and therefore attracts many.

Never before has it been so easy to make transfers or payment sonline from their computer, mobile phone or tablet. As the trend is increasingly moving towards being able to play wherever you want and at any time at their casino online, at the same time it is obvious that you should also be able to do your transactions in the same easy way.

In addition, PayPal is completely secure and you never reveal any payment details but remain anonymous for your security. Needless to say, the benefits of using PayPal are numerous and the disadvantages, for their part, are few. Similarly, more and more players at the online casino are discovering PayPal as a payment option. Below we explain how the service works and what you should consider when registering as a customer with the company.

About the PayPal payment service.

The company was founded in 1998 but was acquired in 2002 by the eBay auction site . PayPal, headquartered in San José, USA, is primarily used to make deposits, withdrawals and transfers in a smooth and secure way . You can easily say that Pay Pal is an intermediary who helps you with this so that you do not have to submit credit card details yourself. Instead, you log into their site online and use PayPal’s services.

For the same reason, they have become very popular in casino contexts as it is then important to feel comfortable disclosing sensitive information as it can also involve large sums of money. Many players feel far more secure in relinquishing their information and making transactions with a well-established company such as Pay Pal than with a new online casino with which they have just registered.

PayPal is a company that many people already use when they start playing at their casino. This is simply one of the largest payment services available. The 2000s have at all meant a huge push for e-commerce and have in turn demanded flexible payment methods online. Therefore, PayPal’s development has been completely natural and, so to speak, arose from demand. A very large proportion of those who used eBay and Pay Pal are just private customers, which is why the service has been developed to be both simple and user-friendly .

PayPal keeps up with the swings and and has found its unique niche in the labyrinths that revolve around e-commerce and payment solutions. Similarly, they are a very reputable payment phenomenon. We have noted that safety is important, but it deserves to be emphasized. Here, a serious solution has been worked out for their customers that makes them feel 100 & -safe when using PayPal.

How does PayPal work in practice?

Getting started with PayPal is very easy . You can easily register on their site online with the login details you want. Then you get an account to which you link one or more of your payment and / or credit cards. From here you can also transfer money to or from your PayPal account in a safe and secure way. In 2006, the company started with the opportunity to obtain a security key that you can use as a special security protection. Together with the security measures already in place at the casino, you can feel completely safe. Online security is a phenomenon that is growing stronger as the threats unfortunately increase.

Although hackers and other threats are rare for services like PayPal- mainly because they encounter many difficulties – there is the risk. However, you can safely lean back in the knowledge that it is still one of the safest payment options on the market and it will always be far safer than making payments directly to a casino site. You can also manage your account details so that you remember them, but at the same time they are difficult to figure out. Another way to protect yourself is by changing their login details or passwords at regular intervals.

Be on your guard.

Here, however, it is important to bear in mind that, just like most other large companies, PayPal also happens to be fraudulent. If you happen to receive an email from them asking for your login details or credit and debit card numbers, it is time to become suspicious. Then it is very likely someone is trying to deceive you . This is not common but it can happen and therefore it is good to be vigilant for this type of mail and know the risks. Here it is worth noting that PayPal always only sends messages to your inbox that you reach by logging into their site.

PayPal on mobile.

The world is becoming increasingly digital and in practice this means that we want to access our services online wherever we are. As a result, both casinos and online payment services have, of course, kept up with the development. Therefore, it is nowadays excellent to use Pay Pal from your smartphone and / or tablet so that you can make a new deposit or request a payment wherever you are. Pay Pal also has a handy app that you can download to access their page in a format that is completely customized to the smaller screen. This will allow you to quickly and easily download this app and create an account. Then you simply log in by just clicking on the app and identifying yourself with the service. Then you get access to exactly the same range as the regular page that you access through your computer.

How much does the service cost?

What or if it costs something to use PayPal varies between casinos. Therefore, before registering for your payment method, it is a good idea to check this out in advance. You always have detailed information about different payment methods under the information. It is common for casinos to let you use the service for free, but it is always good to be on the safe side.

The benefits of using PayPal.

On Pay Payl’s website, the trend is increasingly moving towards providing offers from their partners, which is a sympathetic element on their side. Here you can easily go in and see all their promotions, discounts and other advantageous things going on right now which means you can make many nice bargains. This is one that most users appreciate and that gives the company an extra little gold star at the edge as it is something that many want.

Pay Pal has worked diligently towards consolidating security, and in 2008 they hired expert help to acquire knowledge of online fraud by acquiring Frau Sceinces. Before that, they had already started offering their customers the opportunity for an electronic security key that increases the security of managing payments online. This is undoubtedly the surest way to authenticate users online. It is difficult to find methods that completely eliminate loopholes for fraudsters, with the fact that Pay Pal is on a very good path. It works hard and intensively to offer services that virtually eliminate the risks of fraud. For the same reason, it can be stated that Pay Pal is one of the safest alternatives for Internet commerce operators.

Disadvantages of PayPal.

Those who use PayPal as a payment method when selling goods online must be careful about the delivery of the goods. In Europe, for example, it is common for sellers at eBay who own PayPal to deliver smaller items in packages with regular postage. This means that the letter is not traceable and therefore the product risks getting off the road without the seller being liable for damages.

This is really an extremely small bracket and it is also rare in casino contexts. The obvious advantage is that PayPal, like most other payment services, has become mobile and offers an e-wallet. This service is very safe to name and works just as well as any competitor. Therefore, there is no reason not to choose PayPal as a casino player. It is usually free, very easy to use and you can always feel completely secure with both deposits and withdrawals.


There is no PayPal Casino itself. However, there are online casinos that accept PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal method. Though this payment method is exclusively available to players residing in the United Kingdom.

What to do if Paypal is not available in your country for online casino transactions? We bring you the best casinos with the strongest PayPal alternatives here. Decisive for us is the choice of payment methods, fees and above all the quality of the casino. We have the best casinos with PayPal for you above!

Why was PayPal so strongly represented in online casinos? Quite simply: PayPal had four decisive advantages in the online casino. Casino players have trusted the following:

absolutely quick deposit and withdrawal
definitely serious and safe
no fees
Easy on your smartphone
Online casino bonus (including conditions)
The casinos that we list here in our ranking convince on several levels. After all, they are the best casino PayPal alternatives . First, they have a lot of reputable PayPal alternatives in stock. In addition, there is either an EU license or even a German license from Schleswig-Holstein . And in the end, of course, the overall appearance also counts, i.e. the combination of games , bonus promotionsand Co. Of course, some of the casinos also offer a no deposit bonus. But we also paid attention to the general business conditions, because they too have to be right. Online casino bonuses consist of more than just a bare number. Our casino list also takes into account the online games library, which reminds you most of the smoky experience in the shopping street

What PayPal Casino themes do we have for you?
We provide all information about PayPal in online casinos here. What are the best PayPal alternatives? Can you really no longer deposit with PayPal in any casino? Which PayPal alternatives are recommended for the app use and the live casino?

Why is there no longer a PayPal casino?
Best PayPal Casino Alternatives
PayPal vs. Schleswig-Holstein license
The best PayPal live casinos
Deposit PayPal sports betting, play in the casino?
Why is there no longer a PayPal casino?
Since October 15th 2019 there are no more PayPal casinos . Important here: This only applies to German players. Also note: PayPal is still available for sports betting . Anyone who deposits in an online casino with PayPal will only be able to use the money for sports betting (provided, of course, the provider has sports betting in the program).

The restriction to sports betting was requested by PayPal and has therefore been implemented across the board at all online casinos. That does not change the legality or the seriousness of a provider. Casino security is still guaranteed through licensing. The online casinos in our leaderboard are beyond any doubt. That is why they are the best online PayPal casino alternatives.

Will there be PayPal casinos again?
Probably yes. As part of the new State Treaty on Gaming, which will become effective in mid-2021 , there will be official licenses for online casinos in Germany that will further open the market. As soon as a casino receives such a license, PayPal may again be offered as a payment option. Because if you look at sports betting, PayPal is still available at some betting providers.

The best PayPal casinos should also be the best alternative for previous PayPal casinos, after all, we paid attention to quality even then. But let’s take a look at the alternatives to PayPal in online casinos.

Best PayPal alternatives in casinos
Which PayPal alternatives should you use now? Depending on the casino, there is a huge selection of payment methods . Which one is really suitable to describe it as a ” strong replacement for PayPal “? Basically, the payment options can be divided into three classes:

Instant banking
classic methods
Anyone who simply clicks on the payment options will immediately find all the advantages that the method brings. What many do not yet know: There are some payment providers that are at least equivalent to PayPal . Especially with regard to online casinos, there are some payment methods that are real specialists .

Skrill, Neteller and Co as a PayPal Casino alternative
Many e-wallets basically work very similarly. The main advantages are speed . Because deposits work in a matter of seconds , you do not have to plan more than 1-2 working days for withdrawals. Unfortunately, the well-known PayPal alternatives Skrill and Neteller are always excluded from bonus promotions. Thus, former PayPal casinos offer a bonus for new customers, but you cannot use electronic wallets.

Basically, Skrill and Neteller are payment providers that work like PayPal. You can deposit using all important payment methods to top up your account and then deposit and withdraw via PayPal as with PayPal. The experience in the online casino remains like that in a PayPal casino. Casino providers have put a lot of effort into really offering all methods that are of interest.

There are even clear advantages over PayPal and these would be:

You can top up the account with Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash, Giropay and Klarna. Everything is done through Bitpay.
Every customer can have a prepaid credit card linked to their account. So you can go shopping with casino winnings immediately instead of transferring everything to your bank account first and not just in online shops.
The fees are lower than with PayPal.
We recommend these methods if you want the functionality as with PayPal or do not want to deposit your credit cards with every provider.

Our tip : The brand new e-wallet MuchBetter! It is an app that you can easily download for free . As soon as the download is complete, you can start playing in one of the MuchBetter casinos.

The PayPal alternative MuchBetter offers the following advantages:

free transactions
already available in some online casinos
can be used for deposits and withdrawals
free account
Giropay, Sofort and Trustly
A method that is often underestimated. Basically, this is the much better option for all players who want to get as close to a direct debit procedure as possible (there is no real direct debit at online casinos). One of the providers has direct access to their own account without additional intermediaries , so that nothing has to be charged. The disadvantage is that in most cases a payment can only be made to a bank account (although reputable providers are extremely fast here). An exception to this is Trustly, which can also be used for withdrawals, so that they may offer the best PayPal casino alternative.

Here are some details about the well-known names:

Giropay – instant access to your bank account. The provider mainly covers savings banks and Volksbanks . Withdrawals as a normal transfer to the account.
Immediately – primarily covers private banks such as Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank etc. Payments as a normal transfer to the account.
Trustly – Fascinating option, because you can often get started without registering separately . Works with a lot of providers and banks, but best with the Fidor Bank . Withdrawals are also possible, but need approximately like a normal transfer.
All three methods are operated by absolutely reputable companies and are often better than PayPal if you don’t want to remember a login and want to pay more attention to security. If you work a lot with your bank account, this is the place for you.

Giropay – Top Online Casino PayPal Alternative
Giropay is an instant banking method that processes deposits even FASTER . You don’t even need to open an extra account. Simply enter bank details in the deposit mask of the casino and you can release the amount. This is pure comfort, PayPal is easily overtaken on the left.

Depositing in the casino with Giropay – it’s that easy:

Open an account : The first step is child’s play. Simply register with one of the best online casinos. Depending on the bonus, you get special conditions from us!
Define deposit amount : Now you enter the deposit amount. This is best based on the new customer bonus. The minimum amount is between € 10 and € 20.
Define deposit type : Now all you have to do is select Giropay as the payment method.
Specify bank & log in : Finally you enter the bank name (via BLZ or plain name), you can log into your online account and approve the deposit.
Best 3 Giropay casinos 2020
DrückGlück (German license, strong selection, very present on television)
Omni slots (very easy to use, good selection of games)
CasinoClub (THE German instance. Now with a great selection of games)
Right – these casinos do not have PayPal, but offer rapid deposits with the Giropay instant banking option. There are also many other payment methods that serve as real PayPal alternatives.

Credit cards and co
Credit cards are still comparatively little used in Germany, which is mainly due to the fact that we use our EC cards in the same way. With online casinos and some other shopping options (iTunes, services, etc.), however, there are clear advantages for use.

Credit cards enjoy a high reputation and so the bonus is never denied as with some other methods ( Paysafecard, for example). In addition, there are always fast and reliable deposits and withdrawals and the fact that you don’t have to transfer the money to a bank account, but you can start using it straight away.

There are now numerous options for free credit cards, so there are no disadvantages in daily use. Here are the most important details about the credit card systems:

VISA – The best option because deposits and withdrawals always go. There are some free options. Extremely widespread, also works on all machines, etc.
MasterCard – depositing is always possible, withdrawal usually not at online casinos. Otherwise even more widespread in modern accounts such as N26 and Co. VISA and MasterCard are equally distributed in shops and ATMs.
DinersClub – No problem in casinos, BUT in everyday life comparatively few acceptance points.
American Express – Actually very strong as a pure credit card, but they completely resist the use in casinos, so we advise against it if you want to play with it.
Credit cards have the same advantage in online casinos as PayPal deposits. Casino providers trust the method so much that you always get a bonus, just like with casinos with PayPal.

The best game selection at PayPal Casino alternatives
This topic was already a topic at PayPal online casinos and is of course also one of the alternatives. Games like Boof Of Dead can now be played almost anywhere, but there isn’t a really strong selection at every casino. The best PayPal casinos have always had a lot of casino games and we have oriented ourselves here:

SlotsMillion – incredible selection, never had PayPal deposit as an option, but Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, Trustly, and credit cards go. There are a proud 3300 slot machines)

Leovegas – for sports betting still with PayPal payments, but then no longer in the casino. Very large selection, especially in the Live Casino) – Outstanding bonus on the first deposit

Betsson – Strong bonus, of course also games like Book of Dead by Play’n’Go. Very fair bonus and a very large selection of casino games.

Best PayPal Casino Bonus Alternatives
The PayPal bonus promotions in online casinos were outstanding for a long time because PayPal is so recognized as a payment method. The fact that PayPal is no longer available means that the first casino providers can come up with something. For example, Betfair has a special bonus in stock. Anyone who deposits with a PayPal alternative will get another 25 free spins on top of the exclusive bonus !

The Betfair Casino Bonus simply explains:

Make a deposit and activate 300% up to € 300 + 45 SALES-FREE free spins .
Do n’t forget the bonus code DEFRE1 !
How to get the Betfair new customer bonus
Register with us: Choose the way from us to Betfair Casino and open an account
Deposit with PayPal alternative: Now choose one of the approved PayPal alternatives like MuchBetter or Skrill and make a deposit. Enter bonus code DEFRE1 !
Collect bonus: You already collect the new customer bonus
PayPal or Schleswig Holstein license is more important
The most important thing so far was whether PayPal is available in the casino. True to the motto: “PayPal – all in!”. Poker fans know: You can only go “all in” if you are 100% sure . We are absolutely certain that with this motto the best online casinos are withheld! As is known to many, casinos had to have a Schleswig-Holstein license in order to be able to integrate PayPal.

Since there are no more online PayPal casinos, the question no longer arises. More importantly, casino experts know that the license is more important than whether you can use PayPal. The reasons for this are very simple:

The casino license is reliable proof of how trustworthy and secure a casino provider is.
There are some payment providers that have significantly more advantages than you know from PayPal.
Who wants to play it safe: There is an official directory in which all online casinos with a Schleswig-Holstein license are listed . There you will find the reliable proof of the security and seriousness of the respective casinos! Finally, we want, for example, that your personal data is always secure and that you can safely withdraw your funds.

Best online casinos with German license – top 3
Fitting for the first reason – which casino has a German license from Schleswig-Holstein? We have prepared all online casinos licensed in Schleswig-Holstein for you in a leaderboard . The German license is a reliable proof for players that they are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy gambling provider. The following casinos have a Schleswig-Holstein license and also offer a very strong overall package:

Unibet (the huge company from Scandinavia is really on the road with an excellent product)
Leovegas (surely the best live casino product on the market)
Bet-at-home (our test winner in reliability and support)
In addition to the German license, it is crucial for the casinos listed here that you do everything to prove security. This includes, for example, certificates from independent test authorities such as iTech Labs or eCOGRA . Behind these names are companies that test all games in a casino for manipulation or fraud . A seal from these authorities proves that everything is going right at the respective casino.

What are the best live casinos with PayPal?
Unfortunately there is no longer a live casino where you can deposit with PayPal. We therefore have casinos for you here that have a German license and also have special live dealer bonuses in stock. The payment methods of the online casinos, which offer the right one for every player, are really strong. These include, for example, methods for which you don’t even have to create an extra account.

Top Live Casino with German license – without PayPal.

There are also other casinos that have excellent live bonuses in stock. For real fans of live dealer games, this is of course more important than PayPal. Because where can you start with a live casino bonus today ? While we regularly check the best live casino providers , we also have the best live dealer bonus promotions here. These are REALLY rare, so be sure to give it a try!

Deposit PayPal sports betting and play in the casino?
There was a detour to deposit via a provider’s betting area via PayPal and then use the money in the casino. But this path is now blocked . The providers usually proceed as follows: If you deposit with PayPal at sports betting and then want to use the money in the casino, your account will be blocked in the casino. You have to spend the money with sports betting, so a casino alternative must be used for the casino .

Mobile PayPal casinos
The PayPal Casino Apps were the ultimate for a long time. Because the quick deposits at the push of a button made playing wonderfully comfortable. Now PayPal is no longer available in mobile applications. But you can use methods optimized for mobile casino games , such as MuchBetter or Apple Pay. Both e-wallets also work very easily, are free of charge and can be used immediately after a download!

Best casino app with PayPal alternatives
The 888casino is outstanding here . Because you can use both MuchBetter and Apple Pay here, and there are many other very good payment methods available. For a long time, 888.com was known for its top PayPal casino . We also had a special bonus here. Very strong: You can now activate the € 88 no deposit bonus plus a further € 1,500 with all other payment methods !

PayPal disadvantages
Like everything else, PayPal has its disadvantages. One point is the relatively high cost. While deposits and withdrawals from online casinos are generally free of charge, a fee for receiving payment is payable via PayPal if you have requested a withdrawal at the casino. For private individuals, this is usually 1.9 percent of the money received plus a lump sum of 35 cents.

For example, if you have a profit of € 1,000 paid out, PayPal will receive € 19.35 in fees. In comparison, the direct competitor Skrill only takes 1 percent of the amount of money as a fee. This fee is also limited to EUR 10. When changing currencies, PayPal once again digs deep into the customer’s pocket with an additional 2.5 percent.

The PayPal fees at a glance:

Deposits: free of charge
Sending money: 1.9% + € 0.35 when using a credit card
Cash receipt: 1.9% + € 0.35
top up credit card: 3.9% + € 0.35
Top up bank transfer: 1.9% + € 0.35
charge others: 1.9% + € 0.35
Conversion fee: 3.0% to 4.0%
Inactivity fee: none, account closure after 3 years
Micro payments: 10% + € 0.10
Collect donations: 1.2% + € 0.35
Dealer conditions: 1.7% + € 0.35
Conditions over € 25,000: 1.5% + € 0.35
Another possible disadvantage with PayPal are the limits for deposits or withdrawals. These are restricted. At William Hill Casino, for example, the PayPal limit is “only” 7,000 euros, while credit cards, bank transfers or Skrill can be used to deposit and withdraw six-figure amounts. This disadvantage can be neglected for most players. For high rollers or players who have made a big profit, this is definitely an argument against PayPal.

Advantages of PayPal
PayPal is a very secure payment method. No sensitive data such as bank details or credit card information are passed on. In addition, the transactions are processed fairly quickly. The transfers are carried out immediately. There are no delays in deposits or withdrawals. A PayPal customer can also choose between different currencies. For example, if a German customer has to pay an amount in pounds, the amount will be converted to euros and displayed before the transaction is completed.

Thanks to the triumph of mobile devices, PayPal transactions can now also be carried out from smartphones, cellphones or tablets. Especially in the area of ​​online casinos, PayPal has offered numerous simplifications as a method for deposits and withdrawals. A PayPal account enables you to conveniently shop online.

PayPal casino alternatives – our conclusion
So what is the best PayPal (we couldn’t ask co-founder Elon Mask) alternative in the online casino? Difficult question, because it depends on the player. Would you like to pay free of charge, or would you prefer to be completely anonymous? Is security a priority, or is it simply easy to use? In the end, there are even a few payment methods that combine everything. MuchBetter is such a candidate. Everything is actually right here – only the payment provider is not yet available everywhere. It is good that there is definitely enough choice in the German online casinos. If you want to deposit and withdraw, you can use excellent PayPal alternatives. So you don’t miss PayPal in online casinos anymore!

PayPal Casino FAQ

Why are casinos no longer offering PayPal?

It is not a question of seriousness or security. Because even if PayPal has withdrawn from casinos like bet-at-home, these casinos remain absolutely trustworthy. Because these online casinos still have the German license from Schleswig-Holstein. Rather, it is a strategic decision with PayPal. For this reason, we have tested the best PayPal alternatives in casinos for you.

Will there be PayPal bonuses again?

The online gambling market is now being regulated more and more all over the world and in many countries the offering of games of chance on the Internet is now legal or at least must not be prohibited. Even if there will no longer be a PayPal bonus, some casinos already have special bonus promotions for certain payment methods in stock. For example Betfair. If you deposit at Betfair Casino , you get an extra 25 free spins on top!

What is the best PayPal alternative in the casino?

It depends on what you prefer. Speed , anonymity or simply the fact that you are dealing with an established payment provider . Above all, really strong in the casino are:

Klarna right away
Methods such as:

Apple Pay
We show with all PayPal alternatives how they work and what you have to watch out for !

Are there new PayPal casinos in Germany?

As of now, it looks like there will be no new PayPal online casinos. Because PayPal has completely withdrawn from the casino market, there are of course no new casinos .

Can I still withdraw my money from PayPal deposits?

Yes, of course you can also pay out all amounts that you have deposited with PayPal. Only PayPal is no longer available as a payment method. As a rule, payments are then made via bank transfer. If you want to use a different payment method, simply contact support.

Why do I have two credits on my casino account?

Some providers have casino and sports betting separately in their portfolios, but work with the same customer account. As a result, they are obliged to keep the money from PayPal bets separate from casino balances. This is the case with the 888casino, for example , which PayPal still offers for 888sport. For this reason, it can happen that many a gambling provider displays two different balances in the customer account.

Can I use winnings from PayPal sports betting in the casino?

This detour is not only cumbersome, but even impossible. Because here, too, casino providers have put a stop to it. The money from PayPal betting wins can only be used for sports betting.

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