Archangels are thus archangels and there are angels of a higher rank, because yes, there is obviously a hierarchy there too. A Catholic will tell you that there are seven pieces, three of which are known by name and that is Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. But there are also fallen archangels and it certainly seems that one of them has also been featured in Archangels: Salvation. If you look closely you will see that he with the horns is very similar to the vampire in the 2015 Dracula game – and at least we find that natural.

What the slot machine Archangels: Salvation has to offer.

If you, like us, just love casino slot machines , then you are probably waiting for every release from NetEnt with excitement. And excitement is exactly what Archangels: Salvation offers. This is the first slot machine that comes with a formidable 100 paylines and this is precisely the biggest news with this launch. But let’s take a look at what NetEnt has in the game for us.

After all, we are used to seeing game plans that go over five reels and three rows. Of course, there are many variations and there are even falling symbols, symbol rows that divide and so on, so we really think we saw the most. Think again! This slot machine features six reels and (hold on) twelve rows. This naturally makes the symbols smaller, but we don’t think it will cause any major problems unless you play from a screen with poor resolution. We haven’t had any trouble seeing the symbols and spins from any of the screens we’ve tested and the entire editorial team is wearing glasses!

Another thing worth noting with Archangels: Salvation is that it comes with impressive 3D graphics, which will give you backwards.

The game has a payback percentage of 96.08% and a variance of around medium. In short, this means that over a period (which is not given), 96.08 of 100 kroner played will return to the player mass. And medium variance means the game creates winning combinations with medium-sized prizes with medium frequency. In comparison, for example, Starburst creates relatively frequent winning combinations with relatively small prizes.

Symbols and Features of Archangels: Salvation.

The game contains special wild symbols and scatter symbols, and they come with their Hot Spot features. The Hot Spots can be found at the top and bottom of the reels, triggering the Heaven and Hell functions (or Heaven and Hell) respectively, and this happens as follows: If a 2×2 wild symbol lands partially within or completely within the playing area at the top of the playing field, then Heaven feature be triggered. Should the opposite occur and the 2×2 wild symbol lands in whole or in part within the playing area at the bottom of the playing field, then the Hell function will be triggered.

Archangels of Netent - Review

If the sky feature is triggered then you will be rewarded with stacked wilds. If you have triggered the Hell feature then you will be rewarded with single wilds.

Reactivation of a function.

A feature can be reactivated again if you get a stack of wilds, in whole or in part, or if you get a single wild symbol within the Hot Spot areas again.

Free Spins in Archangels: Salvation.

The Scatter symbol is two symbol places high and as usual it is this that takes you to the free spins round. This bonus round is triggered if you manage to spin three or more scatter symbols on your reels. However, you can win up to 25 free spins depending on how many scatter you get, as follows: 3 scatter gives you 10 free spins, 4 scatters are rewarded with 15 free spins, 5 scatter gives you 20 free spins and you manage to spin forward 6 scattere, so you get a full 25 free spins.

The slot machine Archangels of Netent - Review
Our conclusions.

As usual with a NetEnt game, it offers an incredible amount of excitement. You don’t have to have any special relationship with angels, or heaven and hell for that matter, to have fun with this slot machine. You will soon find that the gameplay itself has been made less dominant to allow more room for your guardian angels to the right and left of the gameplan.

And then we come to the only thing that might be a tiny bit of annoyance in the game. But it is also a personal meaning and it is the strange pulsating floating way the angel and the devil hang there. This is something that is common in the games, but we find it equally strange and equally annoying every time. Apart from this, we give the game a high rating.

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