Baron Samedi has derived his theme from Haiti’s voodoo. Baron Samedi, which means Baron Saturday, is the spirit of death. He is often presented with floss hat and long black jacket, dark glasses and not least cotton in the nostrils. This last one is just as you probably would have thought, which would have gladly been put in the nostrils of the dead when they were preparing for the funeral.

Baron Samedi is a figure known for being disruptive, a bit obscene and simply being a bad influence on his surroundings. The baron also has a weakness for tobacco and rum.

The game description according to Yggdrasil himself.

Yggdrasil says it’s time to bow to the omnipotent spirit of Baron Samedi. The Baron will take you into a magical world of voodoo where great riches will be available to the dare. The game offers 36 collectable features, including wilds, multipliers, guaranteed paylines, stacks and mystery symbols. Features are represented by tarot cards, and each time at least two scatterers land on your reels, three tarot cards will appear and bestow their riches.

How to play Baron Samedi at Norwegian casinos.

This game goes over 5 reels and 3 rows and it has 25 paylines and it is available at the best casinos online . As with many of the games from Yggdrasil, you get a bonus or in this case some tarot cards as you open the game. What you get is 40 Mystery Reel Cards. These are located at the top right of your game plan. You can check your collection at any time by clicking on the deck.

Now is the time to start the game, but before you do, you should adjust the bet to an amount that suits you. This can be set from 1 kroner and up to 1250 kroner, or the same, from 0.1 € and up to 125 €.

Baron Samedi has a RTP or repayment rate of 97%. But that doesn’t mean you can count on sitting back for $ 97 after betting $ 100, as many seem to believe. The volatility of the machine is around medium, so you can expect to win relatively often and win medium-sized prizes.

Card collections and features.

As we mentioned in the section above, you are awarded 40 cards as you load the game and you will soon discover that the cards are a very important part of this slot machine. There are four different types of cards, each of which has a strength ranging from 1 to 4, with four being the highest. The stronger a card, the smaller the collection will be. The strengths of cards and the number of cards required to complete a collection are as follows:

  • Strength I: requires 50 cards to complete the collection
  • Strength II: requires 40 cards to complete the collection
  • Strength III: requires 20 cards to complete the collection
  • Strength IV: requires 10 cards to complete the collection
Baron Samedi of Yggdrasil - Review

The 36 cards can be divided into three groups of 12 cards. 12 of these have a green frame and these have functions that have to do with stacking and super stacking. The next 12 cards have a purple frame and four of them offer a payout multiplier that can land between two and ten. The next 12-card deck has a red frame and four of these feature random wild symbols that attach to the wheels in special patterns.

Voodoo Respin.

If you get two free spin symbols on your reels then you will be rewarded with a spin, plus three feature cards. The features that the assigned cards show will be added to the current spin, but they will also be added to your collection.

It is the Baron himself who is the symbol of the free spins and you will also be able to read the words free spin on his floss hat.

Baron Samedi free spins.

Yes, that’s right in this slot machine so you get both spins and free spins. You get free spins if you spin three or more of the free spin symbols with Baron Samedi on. When that happens, you will also be awarded three feature cards on each round. Once a card collection has been completed during the free spins will be played after the bonus round is over. They will then be divided as follows:

3 free spin symbols give 7 spins and 50 coins. 4 free spin symbols give 12 spins and 375 coins and 5 free spin symbols give 15 spins and 25000 coins.

But that’s not all, you can also be awarded extra free spins after completing a card collection. It will give it 3 extra spins to complete a card collection. The completed card collection feature will also be added to your game until the game is over.

The slot machine Baron Samedi of Yggdrasil - Review


Baron Samedi is an eminent slot machine and immediately entered our list of the best slot machines this year. The great done graphically. The sound picture can be a bit tiring, but it should also be said that it fits the machine perfectly. The game is exciting, it is packed with features and it never gets boring. This is a game we can play for hours without getting bored. The game may look a bit complicated at first, but you get the overview quickly and the fact that it has medium volatility allows you to play for a while before your budget runs out.

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