Brazil Bomba officially launches on February 22, 2020, but Mr Green gained exclusivity on the game a while before launch.

Yggdrasil says even about the vending machine that there is no party like the one in Rio de Janeiro during the carnival and we will add that there is no reason to turn off the sound in this vending machine. Brazil Bomba is a great machine with beautiful graphics and a unique game mechanics that we will take a closer look at in this review. But first we need to look at the details of the machine.

About Brazil Bomba.

When the game is loaded, the roaring rhythms start immediately. The game is a bit resource intensive in terms of graphics and such. However, most modern computers and mobile phones go without a hitch. In our book this is an excellent game for android casino .

The graphics are great, we ended up on a tropical beach one evening and here are the music and fireworks. The game spans six reels and they all have eight symbol spaces in height. The game does not have pay or winnings as such, because winnings are created by spinning out symbol classes. You must spin groups of at least 6 symbols to win. But beyond that, it is the size of the class that determines how big the payout is and this you can find more information about under the game information.

However, it is a bit confusing and we had thought that Yggdrasil as the big game studio they actually are, could have afforded to have the translations done by someone who knows what is used as decimal and thousands separator in Norwegian.

Brazil Bomba of Yggdrasil

The game will normally load with a bet set at NOK 20 or equivalent in another currency. But you can customize the bet to your own needs from 1 kroner up to 500 kroner. The machine also has a maximum payout of 8975.6 times your bet.

The payout rate of the slot machine is around 96.3% and it has medium to high volatility.

Symbols of Brazil Bomba.

The lower paying symbols squares are set high so they look a bit like the router in a crusade. The higher paying symbols are colorful fantasy symbols with the form of squares, cylinders etc.

Fun and fun features of Brazil Bomba.

The bomb feature is the function that has helped to name the machine, is when the dancer standing next to the game plan shoots with flames over your playing schedule. This feature will be activated when the bomb symbol lands on your reels and it can land on reels number 2, 3, 4 and 5. The dancer then shoots and the subsequent explosion will release up to 16 symbol spaces. New symbols will fill these spaces and the ergo will give you another chance to win.

The slot machine Brazil Bomba of Yggdrasil

The multiplieryou will see down in the circle to the right. This will be activated after a gain or after the bomb feature has been activated. The multiplier will apply to the subsequent spin and a multiplier of x1 will be added with each winning spin. When you then get a spin without a win, in the main game, the multiplier will be reset. In the free spins round, however, the multiplier will not be reset.

Free Spinsis activated by spinning out the free spin symbols. These are easily recognizable because there are red squares on which it is written Free spins. If you get a bunch of free spin symbols, they will launch the bonus game. We know that a paying bunch is created with at least six symbols.

However, this is not the case with the free spin symbols. Here, as little as 3 symbols are enough to start the bonus game. 3 free spins symbols give you 20 free spins, 4 free spins symbols give you 10 free spins , 5 free spins symbols give you 15 free spins and 6 pieces give you 20 free spins. But you can get more free spins inside the bonus game, so this has the potential to continue indefinitely.

The slot machines Brazil Bomba of Yggdrasil - Review
conclusions on Brazil Bomba.

Although it is a bit annoying to be a little lazy with the translations, we can not let this overshadow the joy of the game, because it is a fantastic game. Happy rhythms, good graphics and great game mechanics and fantastic prizes; – the perfect recipe for a gaming success.

Brazil Bomba captures you and it holds your attention without getting tiring and should it become, then it’s actually as simple as turning off the sound. The strategy for playing Brazil Bomba is simple: Play for fun and never play for more than you can afford to lose!

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