Cazino Cosmos came on the market on January 24, 2019 and in this slot machine Yggdrasil Gaming takes us into space where we float around in a ship led by the matriarch Stella. Stella means star in Latin and it is of course no coincidence. Here, only the biggest big players in the universe come and they come to play for cosmic prizes.

This game is a sequel to another of Yggdrasil’s game hits, namely Cazino Zeppelin. But this one takes the original game’s core of sticky wilds in free spins even a notch higher and sends it into hyperspace and that with extra collections.

Each reel has its own collection of wild symbols which either have extra wilds, extra free spins, extra pushes, stacked wilds and so on. If you have luck on your side and the stars stand by you, you can receive an extraterrestrial prize of up to 11821 times your stake. So join a few laps of the Milky Way’s best game!

Cazino casmos of Yggdrasil

About the slot machine Cazino Cosmos.

Cazino Cosmos is beautiful and it is interesting in design and graphics. It has some steam punk on it and many of the characters that appear in the vending machine seem strangely familiar. It does ring a bell, but you can’t quite place them, they fit in anyway a movie by Tim Burton. But let’s take a closer look at them a little further down. The game is placed over the command bridge on ships we sail the space with. The music is perfectly fine. At least it doesn’t get too troublesome either.

Not surprisingly, Cazino Cosmos is played over five reels and three rows. The machine also has 20 paylines, all of which go from left to right.

The first thing you should do is check the bet level and adjust it to a bet that suits you and your playing style. The lowest bet you can play with is 1 kroner and the highest bet is 200 kroner. Deposits to play correctly can be made, for example, at our Skrill casino . This is actually a bit strange in that the Cazino Cosmos is actually a high variance automaton. Therefore, you might have expected to be able to play with higher efforts. But that’s not it. However, you should be wary of the money can roll away quickly anyway.

Symbols and characters in Cazino Cosmos.

As we were just a little further up, the personalities that we meet in Cazino Cosmos seem a little familiar. After all, it is quite common for the developers of the machines to base their characters on characters we know from movies or elsewhere.

There are two wild symbols and it is the matriarch and Captain Stella who adorn them both. On the other hand, we cannot say that Stella reminds us of any personalities we have been away with before. But that doesn’t have to mean that the source of inspiration doesn’t exist on some movie screen or the like.

Then the best-paying symbol is a thick man with a swivel and a monocle. He reminds a bit of a good old-fashioned circus director, of the kind one would like to see in film. The next symbol is a male figure dressed in suits and wearing a mask that is recognizable in Venice. Then a cat of the breed is sphynx and it reminds a bit of Joda in Starwars. At last is a green creature with floss hat. They are all beautifully executed and seem to come from a very exciting world.

Free spins and how to get them.

Free spins are activated by collecting free spin symbols. They look like a mix of game chips and coins. You need to collect at least three pieces to get free spins, but if you only get two then you get 40 coins in the consolation prize.

Cazino Cosmos of Yggdrasil - Review

Three free spin symbols give you 10 free spins and 40 coins. Four symbols give you 15 free spins and 40 coins and five symbols give you 20 free spins and 40 coins. But that’s not all, because free spins in Cazino Cosmos aren’t just free spins.

Free spins come with extra.

Above each wheel you will see a fan-like meter. This will fill up as you spin collectable wild symbols. Each reel and each meter offers different free spins. These can be free spins with extra wilds, with extra free spins, with nudge or push, stacked wilds and so on. Bottom line, depending on which of the meters you manage to fill, you will be rewarded with various free spins extra as follows:

Filling up the meter over the first reel gives you free spins with 2 random sticky wilds.
If the number two reel meter is filled, you get five extra free spins before the bonus starts. A full meter over wheel number three then the nudge or so push function is activated. In other words, this means that the wheel will be pushed back or forth in position, if it means that a wild symbol will be visible. Full meter over the fourth wheel will replace a randomly selected high paying symbol with a wild symbol in each spin. The fifth wheel offers double-stacked wild symbols.

The slot machine Cazino Cosmos of Yggdrasil - Review
Summary of Cazino Cosmos.

Cazino Cosmos is an exciting slot machine that is great in design, game mechanics and graphics. It is high level and is fully in line with the very best games from Yggdrasil Gaming. We recommend you try it at one of our best casinos online .

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