Yggdrasil explains Champions of Rome like this: Then the game starts and the audience holds their breath. The burning sun reflects in the steel of the weapons and sends the rays into the blood-filled sands of the Coliseum. The mighty gladiators are preparing for the ultimate battle.

You also see it quickly when the game is loaded that these gladiators are not joking. They are huge, muscular giants that belong in the Hulk’s world.

About the slot machine Champions of Rome.

The schedule is loaded over an amphitheater that is filled to the last place with the audience. One can almost feel the warmth of the sun and the smell of people of varying hygiene.

The game goes over the usual five reels and three rows and it offers 20 fixed paylines that go from left to right. Champions of Rome’s reimbursement percentage over time is calculated to be 96.4% and is thus within what is considered normal in the market today. The percentage should not be confused with an indication of how much you can expect to win or lose when playing at Champions of Rome. The figure tells us how much of the total funds spent over a given period of time goes back to the player mass. The game’s volatility is about medium.

Before you start spinning it is important that you adjust the bet level to one that suits you. Champions of Rome will be loaded with a bet, but you should check that it fits your budget before you get started. The wager can be adjusted from NOK 1 up to NOK 1000, plus you can also buy access to bonus features and such. But we will take a closer look at this in the review below.

gladiator Function of Champions of Rome.

The gladiators were the battlesmen who fought in the arena, often to death. But as usual in a slot machine, all features have a potentially positive outcome for the player and so it is of course here. The Gladiator feature is activated if two free spins symbols land on your reels. The function is represented, naturally enough, by the gladiators themselves and there are three pieces of them that will all start their special variant of the function.

Sword – the red-clad gladiator represents the Swords feature. If this is the one you have activated then 2×1 and 1×2 wilds will be added to the reels.

Club – The green- clad gladiator represents the Mace feature. If you have this feature enabled, 2×2 wilds will be added to the game reels.

Champions of Rome of Yggdrasil - Review

trident- the gladiator dressed in blue represents the function Trident. When this feature is active, 4 wilds are added at random places on the reels.

Buy bonus.

One of the new things that has gradually started to appear in slot machines Champions of Rome is the opportunity to pay a little extra and buy a casino bonus and it is a feature that Champions of Rome offers.

You can buy entrance to the bonus game by paying 1000 coins.

Free Spins in Champions of Rome.

As mentioned, you can buy yourself free spins, but you can also get there by spinning 3 or more free spins symbols. The symbol is represented by a beautiful figure in silver with the words free spins written below.

If you have spun 3 pieces of them on a single spin, you will be rewarded with free spins, plus you get 20 coins. If, on the other hand, 4 free spins symbols appear on the reels then you will get free spins and 300 coins and if you were able to spin 5 free spins symbols you will receive a total of 12,000 coins in addition to the free spins.

But that’s not all, because you can choose your free spin mode. There are two different modes, a training mode and a death-fighting mode. These are called training mode and deathmatch mode respectively in the English version of the game. If you choose training mode you will keep all the winnings from your free spins.

However, if you choose a death match then you must win at least 450 coins to keep your winnings. If you don’t, they will be lost. In battle mode you can also choose three different modes. If you choose to get 7 free spins they will come with a multiplier of x2. If you choose to get 6 free spins then you will get a multiplier of x3 and if you choose to get 5 free spins you will get a multiplier of x4. So you see that high multipliers come with a price.

consolation Prize.

If you are so unlucky that you failed to collect at least 450 coins in battle mode, you will not go home empty-handed. You will get a consolation prize that can be between 40 and 200 coins or you can get 5 free spins in training mode.

Beasted – The Beast.

The beast can show up during the free game and it will land on reels 2, 3 or 4. If you do that then you get a free spin.

The slot machine Champions of Rome of Yggdrasil - Review


Yggdrasil Gaming impresses as usual. Not only can we buy in to the bonus game, but you can select multiple modes and you can select modes within one mode. We are very pleased to see that the games are getting more advanced and that we can participate in Champions of Rome in more ways than just by pressing the spin button. A wonderful slot machine that we recommend you try at one of our recommended online casinos .

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