Chronos Joker is the Play’n Go’s November launch this year. A joker is often what we in Canadian would call a hop jerk, although we also use the word joker. Joker comes from the word joke and refers to a joke, though it can also be used if a person is considered to be stupid or inept. Chronos has Play’n Go taken from the Greek Khronos means time in its chronological order. So then we understand that in Choros Joker it is possible that time will be manipulated, and such fantasies it is always fascinating.

About Chronos Joker.

This is a video reel that is played over three reels, all presented with three rows. This arrangement means that we immediately expect a classic slot machine, and we basically get that too. The music is annoying, but it is also true that the volume will have to be significantly reduced, otherwise it will eventually become a bit tiring. The graphics, on the other hand, are of course excellent.

Chronos Joker of Playn Go

Of course, a slot machine that offers three times three symbol spaces cannot offer as many paylines so we find them 5 pieces off. Thus, we have the classic arrangement clear and we think we will enjoy it a lot. The maximum profit you can get is 160,000 times your stake. And while we are at stake you can adjust this from 0.05 € to up to 100 €

The slot machine’s payback percentage is 96.53% and it has a volatility of around medium. The slot machine has no progressive jackpot and you can of course play it from both computer and mobile or tablet. In fact, we want to say that it looks much better at mobile casinos .

Symbols in the Chronos Joker video slot.

Many of the symbols used in the machine are, of course, objects that have to do with time. The best-paying symbol is Chronos Joker himself, plus he also acts as a wild symbol and replaces all other symbols. Then, in descending order of value, comes a digital wrist watch, an old-fashioned pocket watch, an hourglass of the kind with sand in and finally a sundial. Then follow the four lower paying symbols and these are the classic fruit symbols such as grapes, plum, lemon and cherries.

Features of this time machine.

In order to make a profit, you must thus get three pieces of identical symbols in a row horizontally or diagonally. If the symbols appear vertically in series on the other hand, it will not trigger a gain, but rather it will trigger a spin. In the spinning, the two vertical rows of equal symbols will be locked while the remaining wheel is spun.

The joker can choose to activate a multiplier on any spin. The multipliers can be x2, x4, x5 or x10 and that will then increase your winnings by the relevant factor. This way if your spin would normally give you a prize of $ 60 and Chronos Joker found it too good to multiply your winnings by, say, 5, then your $ 60 would be multiplied by five and your payout would be $ 300. . But that’s not all because there is also a Super Multiplier and it will multiply your winnings with x4, x6, x8, x10 and x20!

The spin functions future spins, past spins and present spins: Future spins

Chronos Joker of Playn Go - Review

It is the future we are most excited about always. Most of us live in the hope that the future will be better than the present. The future spin is triggered on an x2 multiplier. With each subsequent spin, the multiplier will increase to a maximum of x20. Spinning will continue until you win. Past


The past that so many of us try to run from to is triggered on a multiplier of x10. When this happens, each subsequent spin will be reduced to a minimum of x2. Spins will continue until you win. Strange


Strangely enough, we often ignore the present, in favor of dreams of the future. Short-term spin will be triggered on multipliers of x3, x4 and x 5. Here, no change in multiplier will be made and you will be spun until you make a profit.

The slot machine Chronos Joker of Playn Go
Our thoughts on the Chronos Joker slot game.

Chronos Joker is a new video slot in a modern classic package. It looks pretty typical when it is loaded and it is not complicated to understand either when you are just starting to spin. The slot machine is great to look at and wonderfully entertaining to play. We believe this will be one of winter favorites among casino slot machines for many players. If you love the classic scheme then the Chronos Joker is a slot machine you should definitely try.

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