It is the year 1291 and the last crusade holds the grip of the city of Akko as it comes under attack from the mighty Mamluks. King Edward I has ordered all the crusaders to gather to keep up. So is the question; Will they be able to defeat the attackers or will they meet their predecessors in heaven?

In March 2020 we got another one of these historically based slots from Elk Studios, where the theme is resolved based on a historical event. From then on, for example, we have Ivanhoe and Poltrava, both of which are about historical battles. Elk Studios has been surprised several times with unconventional angling on its slot machine themes . They tend to be more specific where other developers are more general. This is something that many players probably appreciate.

The details of the Crusader slot game.

Crusades are played over the fairly traditional five reels with four rows in height. The game starts with 26 paylines, but as mentioned initially, Elk Studios has invented the technology of expanding wheels so the wheels so this means the wheels can be expanded up to 12 rows in height and up to 98 paylines.

The bet per spin can be adjusted from NOK 2 up to NOK 1000 and the game has a RTP (reimbursement percentage) of 96.1. Besides, the game has a well above medium high volatility. This means, in most cases, that the machine has the potential to give you a relatively good yield. But it also means it can be a costly gaming session. The maximum payout is 2500 times your wager and the maximum wager gives you a maximum payout potential of $ 2,500,000.

Crusader symbols and graphics.

Cursader may well be one of the Elk Studios slot machines that has impressed the least in terms of graphics and sound. The drawings are clear and colorful, but they lack detail. It goes in dark colors and the music has a dark undertone and this is exactly as expected for the Middle Ages does not appear as the most cheerful period in human history.

The first and last reels in the game show some of the symbols that have fallen outside the game plan and as you spin the reels will stop in turn. First wheels first and fifth wheels last. This gives a festive effect that we like.

The symbols that pay out when they fall on the paylines are, in descending order from highest to lowest, a gold drinking cup, a box of catholic beads, a sword followed by three different shields with different crosses on. After that, the picture card symbols from the deck follow.

Features and special symbols.

The wild symbol in Crusader is the word wild on a red background with gold in all four corners. This will, in the usual way, replace all other symbols. However, it has one exception and it is the extension symbol, which it cannot replace.

Crusader de Netent - Review

Crusader Wild is another wild symbol found in the slot machine. You will recognize this as a crusader with a huge sword in front of him. He has a light shade around his body, as an indication perhaps that they felt they were waging holy war.

Crusader wild can land on reels 1 and 5, which are also the reels where you can see some of the symbols that land outside the game plan and that matters here. Namely, if a Crusader wild lands so you can just see the snippet of them at the top or bottom of the reels one or five, it will trigger a spin and a push until it is fully visible on the playing field. Should you get two pieces of Crusader wild it will trigger free spins. You will get 8 free spins and Crusader wild will stand on reels one and five during all rounds.

The slot machine Crusader de Netent - Review
expansion symbol.

This is characterized by a red arrow on a yellow background and it is active in the bonus game. When it appears, it will expand all the wheels up to a maximum of 12 rows in height. In addition, it will give extra free spins.

Our thoughts on Crusader.

Crusader is an exciting game, but you should have some patience. Namely, it may feel a little slow before you actually see the voltage packed into this machine. It’s a high-volatility game, so you know a little more about what to expect.

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