One of the brightest stars in the sky is Deneb, It is part of the North Cross constellation which is also known by the name Cygnus (the swan). Although it is more than 700 million light-years from Earth, its exact alignment with the Giza Pyramids saw beyond any doubt. The connection between them creates a galactic connection without equal. A connection that challenges everything you thought you knew.

Like all games that Elk Studios comes with, they work almost better on mobile than they do on data and it is completely problematic to play both in horizontal and in vertical mode. Cygnus is perfect for casino on mobile .

About the slot machine Cygnus.

The game loads over a starry sky and then the Egyptian inspired music tunes in and we get two bars; one on each side of the game plan itself. We often talk about reels when we talk about slot machines , although of course there are no longer any physical reels and here in Cygnus this becomes quite clear.

We therefore play over 6 six horizontal symbol spaces and the game starts with four symbol spaces in height. However, this will change over the course of the game and it can expand up to 8 symbol spaces in height. You are offered up to between 4096 and up to a total of 262 144 winning opportunities.

The bet level can be adjusted from 0.20 € up to the full 100 € or the equivalent in Norwegian kroner. The game will in most cases be loaded with a standard bet of 1 € or around 10 kroner. You should adjust this to an effort that suits you and your budget.

Cygnus has a theoretical payout percentage of 96.1% and a relatively high volatility. This tells us that a gaming session at Cygnus can be expensive, but it can also be profitable as we have a maximum win of 500,000 coins. That should give us a maximum payout of € 500,000 or approximately NOK 5 million.

Symbols and layouts in Cygnus.

You will sense it right away when the game loads that this is different, here comes something new. The columns that are placed on each side, we recognize from Tahiti Gold, among others . But here are the bullets that apply and we hear the sound of them falling into their seats in the vending machine. The symbols are obviously Egyptian inspired, but here are also other more contemporary symbols.

Cygnus of ELK Studio

Here’s a game chip with the number 7 on. 7 is a magic number in many cultures and a lucky number for many. We have an elegant cat, which is often found in Egyptian gems, here is a camel, a flamenco and three gems. These are the symbols that can make a profit for you when they land in the right place and in sufficient numbers.

In addition to the paying symbols, a bonus symbol and a wild symbol, of course, have their functions, and we will look at this further down.

Avalanche or race function.

When the marbles fall and land on top of one another, wonderful patterns can be created. All winning combinations, starting from left to right, will pay out and then explode and allow the adjacent symbols to slide over, fill the empty spaces and create new winnings. This continues right up until the time when new profits are not made. When that happens, new symbols will fall from above and we will start again.

It is in this way that we can get as many as 8 symbol spaces in height and ergo 262 144 profit opportunities.

Multipliers in Cygnus.

Multipliers can occur in any spin. You will see a small ball with a cross in the balls in the game. In the bar on the right you will see the available multipliers. But in order for them to assert themselves, the multiplier bullet must reach the bottom of the game. When one bullet emerges, the multiplier will be x2, when two pieces forward, the multiplier will double, thus continuing all the way up to x64.

bonus game.

The bonus game in Cygnus is free spins , or rather free release, is activated when a bonus symbol reaches the bar on the left. The entire race feature must be completed before the bonus round starts and you will be rewarded with 7 free spins. The multipliers are now pasted and will only move upwards, creating an even better start for the next spin. The bonus game can be reactivated inside the bonus game.

The slot machine Cygnus of ELK Studio
Our thoughts on Cygnus.

Cygnus has received a very good reception here in the editorial staff. Elk has given the game a new twist with the falling bullets and although we have played on countless Egyptian themed slots, this is not just one of the many. We have enjoyed the game and we think you will. The only comment we have is that the game studio should look for new translators, because Norwegian is the way things are and parts are in fact purely Danish.

Feel free to try it at one of our recommended casinos online . But remember to play responsibly and remember that this is a slot machine with a relatively high variance.

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