In the fall, the country sneaks in and the nights get longer, darker and colder, then Yggdrasil Gaming launches its slot machine Dark Vortex. It arrived on the market on October 24, in time for the Halloween celebration. It can be played all year round, you just have to be a little tougher to take it in the dark, though there is an automatic with a twinkle in your eye too.

Yggdrasil Gaming itself presents its game as follows: Dark Vortex (the dark vortex) has been activated by evil forces and is about to open the portal to a kingdom where everything is dark and distorted. This monster of a game is the type of win both ways and has fantastic winning opportunities with its 3125 pay lines that run both left and right. Collect at least two cursed symbols on adjacent wheels to open the vortex to the inter-dimensional world below. This will increase the wheel height from 3 to five symbols and provide even more winning opportunities.

About the slot machine Dark Vortex.

This latest addition of casino slot machines is played over five reels and three rows in the main game. This changes when you open the portal, but that is where we start. Of course, this also means that the paylines are not fixed either. For the most part, the Dark Vortex boasts a total of 3125 winning routes that go both ways. So you quickly see that it can be profitable to risk their night’s sleep with this slot machine.

The Automatic Payback Process (RTP) is at 97% at most and at 96.5% in the main game and it has medium to high volatility. This means in good Norwegian that about 97 kroner out of 100 kroner goes back to the player mass over time. And that you can count on winning medium often and winning medium to high prizes.

And while we’re into this with prizes the maximum gain on the Dark Vortex of 73180 coins is a pretty small sum.

Dark Vortex symbols.

The symbols are, as we have already seen, quite phenomenal and can be divided into two main groups. The lowest paid group of these are the symbols that contain books. You quickly see that this is not a regular book. This is not something you will find in the library and there are also books that should not fall into the wrong hands. That is why they are locked with very sturdy locks.

The blue and the purple book are both worth the same, and so is the green and the purple book. The red one is the most worthwhile. When you make a profit using these symbols, you get a glimpse of the world the book hides. It sounds daunting, but as with everything that is scary in the real world, this too gets the opposite sign in a slot machine and instead helps you create great winning chances.

Of course, it is the default symbols that are the best paying. We start with two symbols that have the same value. It is about the blue dog and the female figure with eyes on squid arms. Then follow two other symbols, one is a green slimy hand and the other is an octopus. The last and best-paying symbol is a red female demon with horns and wings, indicating that she is a contradiction. We expect her to be a succubus, a female demon of old popular belief.

The Vortex wheel.

This is the symbol of big S. It is represented by, yes quite correctly, a vortex. A vortex can be compared to a maelstrom but in space (not in the sea). If you get two vortex symbols on the adjacent hole then it will turn them into vortex wheels and this will last for a total of three vortex spins. All vortex wheels have five rows instead of three and the wheels are surrounded by a bluish light. Each adjacent vortex symbol will then reward you with an extra vortex wheel and two extra spins as well.

Dark Vortex of Yggdrasil - Review

What is special about Dark Vortex is that you can buy access to the bonus game. It is not quite cheap as it costs 800 coins. If you do, you should first select a card, and this is what will determine how many stacked wild symbols you get on your reels. Then choose cards again and this will tell you how many free spins you get. An exciting twist, but one that we here at the house do not think we will use so much of, in the first place at least.

Dark Vortex free spins.
The slot machine Dark Vortex of Yggdrasil - Review

This is the favorite feature of the game. By opening all four vortex reels before the vortex spins are over, you will be rewarded with vortex free spins. You will get one spin for each Blue Orb (the blue things that flow to the right of your screen) you collect. And best of all, the vortex reels have 5 times 5 symbol spaces and this is where you get 3125 rewarding combinations.

Good to know is that you can stop the vortex spins if you are interrupted and resume when you are ready again. The game is frozen and waiting for you.

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