Yggdrasil Gaming describes Dwarf Mine more or less as so: Deep down in the mines, the light from the torches in the hidden treasures plays. Forget the notches, the dwarf digs deeper and deeper, hungry for rich treasures. The excavator goes on high gear and helps you get ahead faster. Special crystals give speed to the machine to reach the deepest crystal years and you can expand the machine’s capacity whenever you wish by using the “bonus drill”.

Sounds exciting, right? Let’s take a closer look at the details of this new slot machine.

About the slot machine Dwarf Mine.

The game, which you will find at most mobile casinos , is loaded and we get to follow a red-haired dwarf with a thick beard into the mine. We take the elevator down with him and the game itself is loaded. The game goes over five reels and these are four rows high. This gives us twenty symbol spaces. The music lies in the background, it does not add anything to the game, but it is also not troublesome. You can turn it off without missing anything.

Dwarf Mine does not have fixed paylines, but it offers the most, in a whole 16,807 ways to make a profit. In the main game there are 1024 ways to win.

Before starting to spin the wheels you should check that the insert fits you. You can adjust it from 1 kroner up to 1250 kroner. The RTP or repayment rate over time is 96.8%. But by all means don’t take this as proof that you will lose 96.8 out of 100 dollars played, because the probability of losing everything is much greater. But while we are in on this with gains, the maximum gain in Dwarf Mine is in excess of NOK 4.8 million. The variance of the game is around medium.

crystal Collections of Dwarf Mine.

As you load the game you will be awarded eight crystals to your collections. These land on the left side of your screen and you will see that you will collect five pieces of each color together. So you get off to a good start. There are crystals of four different colors, red, blue, yellow and green.

To fill the boxes with the necessary crystals to complete a collection, you have to spin the crystals yourself and they can only appear on the three expanded reels in the main game. When you manage to complete a collection you will be rewarded with 5 collection free spins. Let’s take a look at what it is for something.

The collection of free spins.

This is the game’s bonus game and this is where you will find the highest-paying symbols, plus you will spin on an expanded five-reel, seven-height game plan. The bets in this bonus round are on the average coin value of the values ​​you played with when you completed the collection. Sounds complicated? It is not. Let’s say you first played with a stake of $ 7.50 per spin when you got the first crystals, but then you increased the bet to $ 25 per spin. If it took you three spins to complete the collection then it would be (7.50 + 25 + 25) / 3 and thus the stake in the bonus game would be £ 19.20.

Dwarf Mine of Yddrasil - Review
Dwarf My symbols.

Usually you will find two groups of symbols in the slot machines, if you disregard the symbols of the special functions. Here in Dwarf Mine there are three groups. The first group is the group of super high paying symbols. These are the ones you play with once you get into the bonus game, after completing a crystal collection.

These symbols are in descending order of value: Red Crystal, Blue Crystal, Yellow Crystal and Green Crystal. In the main game there is down the next highest paying group of symbols. These are a mining helmet with a lantern, a pick, a lantern and a shovel.

As usual, the lowest paying symbols are the ones we know from the deck. In this machine, it is not the picture cards, but the series. We therefore have hearts, routes, spades and clovers.

The slot machine Dwarf Mine of Yddrasil - Review

Dwarf Mine is a fast-paced game that, although it does not offer the best graphics or sound, is a properly entertaining slot. It is not a machine with high volatility, so you might think that it is not for big players. However, the game goes so fast that you still get a lot of excitement, so watch out for your gaming budget before it rolls fast here.

Dwarf Mine is definitely a game you should try. Do it from one of our recommended online casinos .

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