Just before Easter 2018, Yggdrasil Gaming launched its game Easter Island, which has retrieved its theme just from the Easter Islands. Easter Islands, Easter Island, Isla de Pascua, Rapa Nui, all of which are names of the same Chilean island, are isolated in the far Pacific Ocean. The name, which is quite special for an island, was given by the Dutch explorer who discovered the island on the first Easter day in 1722. The large statues that the island is most famous for being called beautiful were made by the island’s inhabitants in the period from 1100 to 1680.

So with this little short introduction, which may be familiar information to many, we take a look at the Yggdrasil Gaming version of Easter Island.

A closer look at the slot machine Easter Island.

Easter Island is a slot machine that is played above the usual standard with five reels and three rows. The game starts on 27 fixed paylines that go from left to right. But that can go up to 103 paylines. The slot has an RTP or average payback percentage of 96.1 and the game’s volatility is around 25 in according to Yggdrasil Gaming and that should mean it is at the lower end of the scale. You can adjust the bet from 1 kroner or 0.10 € and up to 2000 kroner or 200 € according to the currency you are playing with. The maximum number of coins you can win is 47,000 and with a maximum coin value of NOK 250 it gives you a nice sum.

Symbols in Easter Island.

The Easter Island is known for its statues, so that was probably why Yggdrasil has turned all the symbols in this slot machine into statues, or something similar to statues at least. The two Maoists who stand on either side of the game plan can be quite noisy, so they will you quickly enough to turn the sound off. The symbols in the vending machine are different animals that look like stone houses. There is an eagle, a reef, and various reptiles that we cannot quite identify.

Symbol Exchange.

One of the features that Yggdrasil Gaming has built into this slot machine is what they call Symbol Swap Respin. In Norwegian, there would be something like this about symbolic spinning. This works as follows: In the main game, each winning spin will start a re-spin. However, you cannot get re-spin on the gain of a re-spin.

A re-spin will always start the symbol swap feature, which will increase your chances of winning as follows:

Easter Island of Yggdrasil - Review

If the winning symbols were of the lowest paying type (the ones you know from the deck, you know) then all the other lower paying symbols with the winning symbol.
If the winning symbols were of the higher paying type, then all symbols of the same class will be replaced with the winning symbol.

Expanding wheels.

Another feature that Yggdrasil has added to this slot machine is Expanding Reels or Expanding Reels. When this feature is activated, the reels will expand vertically in a Symbol Swap function as follows:
Spinning forward 3 right in the main game does not give you a reel extension and that means a re-spin has 27 paylines. But if you spin 4 straight in the main game, it will give you two extra rows and a re-spin therefore has 65 paylines. If you now spin 5 straight in the main game, it will give you four extra rows and a re-spin will therefore have 103 paylines.

It is worth noting that when you win 3, 4 or 5 equally in the main game, only the highest winning combination is extended.

Expanding wilds.

The third feature that Yggdrasil has wrapped up in Easter Islands is Expanding wilds, or expanding wilds. An expanded wild will be triggered when a wild symbol lands on the reels in a winning spin. This applies to both the main game and in-spin. An expanded wild symbol will expand to cover the entire wheel. Wild symbols that have landed on the reels in the main game will remain as sticky symbols through the Symbol Swap Respin for then and expand to cover the entire reel with the Expanding Reel feature.

Easter Island on mobile.

This is probably superfluous information for most of you, but like all the other games that Yggdrasil has launched, Easter Island also works great on your mobile device and Norwegian mobile casinos.

The slot machine Easter Island of Yggdrasil - Review

As usual with Yggdrasil’s games, the graphics are spectacular. The two beauties are, as I said, a bit noisy, but they can be turned off. The game is entertaining and incredibly fun. The most beautiful thing about everything is that even though the slot machine is about Easter Island, it is not about the holiday Easter so you can play it all year without going tired.

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