The game favorite from 2012 is back, and it is now in an upgraded and improved format, so sit back in the chair now that it will be fun with Gunslinger Reloaded. Gunslinger has always been a favorite among players who appreciate speed and excitement in the form of slightly higher volatility. However, as the technology progressed, the slot was left hanging slightly, but now Play’n Go has taken hold that allows you to play with renewed desire.

It is mostly the technology that has been renewed, the graphic has been given a facelift of course, but you will recognize in this edition of Gunslinger. So hold on for 6 gunmen ready to clean up the wild west. It is time to hunt down the enemy for now justice will prevail. It doesn’t have to be frightening. You should be firm in your hand and know when to squeeze and when to wait.

About the slot machine Gunslinger Reloaded.

As usual, this is a five-reel, three-line slot machine game. The vending machine also has 25 fixed payment lines that go from left to right. The Slot Reimbursement Percentage, which is a percentage that tells us how much of the total funds spent that goes back to the player pool, is 96%. It is a percentage that is completely within what we consider normal. The volatility of the machine Gunslinger Reloaded is around the medium according to Play’n Go itself

It is always important to take a look at and adjust the bet level before you start playing. At Gunslinger Reloaded you can play with bets ranging from 25 euro cents, or 2.50 kroner and up to 100 € or the same; up to NOK 1000.

Gunslinger Reloaded has a progressive jackpot and a maximum prize of 125,000 coins. The progressive jackpot is not limited by this maximum gain.

Gunslinger Reloaded Symbols.

It is not uncommon in online slot machines , you have probably seen, that the lowest paying symbols are card values ​​in from the deck. Preferably the cards are aces, king, lady, jack and sometimes card ten. Here in Gunslinger Reloaded you will find the same cards, and they are all from the series save. The better-paying symbols are a wild symbol, a stealing horse, a coin purse, a lady and two guns crossed over a sheriff’s star.

The bonus game of bounty hunting.

What is the wild west without a proper bounty hunt? To get to the bonus game and get a wonderful casino bonus you have to spin three posters with wanted criminals on. Once that is done you will have the opportunity to choose one of the bandits and it will be the one you will pursue to bring in and deliver to the justice system and get your reward. The higher the multiplier on the bandit, the more he is worth and the harder he is to catch, naturally enough.

You will find that there are three pieces to choose from, it is Wild Bill which provides a multiplier of x4, it is Jesse Picket which has a multiplier of x2 and Butch Curry which has a multiplier of x3. The bandits can appear on reels 1, 2 and 3 and you choose which one you want to hunt by clicking on the selected poster.

Gunslinger Reloaded of Playn Go - Review

Once you have selected bandit then you must through some obstacles before you get so far that you get into the shooting duel with the wanted criminal you are hunting. First you have to shoot on a bottle, then you have to shoot on a saber and then you have to shoot on a dynamite cube.

Then you finally reach the moment of the duel and here you try to predict what movement the villain will make in the shot and ergo where he will shoot. If you choose right then it was you who won the duel and everything you won during the bounty hunt is multiplied by the villain’s multiplier and the money is added to your winnings and you return to the main game.

bottle Spin.

We have all seen in Western movies that the revolvers learned to shoot and ∕ or demonstrated their shooting skills by shooting bottles. So now it’s your turn to show off your skills. The function is activated when you spin three bottle symbols. These will appear on the three middle reels, ie reels 2, 3 and 4.

When this happens you should shoot the bottles and the shot will reward you with free spins. How many of these will be shown when the bottle is shot. It can be between 10-15 free spins. During the free spin round, your winnings can be doubled and the bottle spin round can even be activated again. In fact, there is no limit to how many times this can be activated.

Gunslinger Reloaded Jackpot.

This is another bonus game found in this slot machine. Here you collect the winnings you get by spinning out poker cards. You can see over the schedule how many you are playing and the higher the bet you play with, the greater the chance of winning the jackpot by activating the Gunslinger Realoded jackpot game. When activated, click on the deck and all cards will be thrown up. You win the jackpot if all the card symbols have a sheriff star on them.

The slot machine Gunslinger Reloaded of Playn Go - Review

conclusions on Gunslinger Reloaded.

Gunslinger Reloaded is certainly a worthy sequel to the original. The music is typical of the era the game is entertaining and offers many opportunities for us players to participate in the game in a completely different way than just by clicking on the spin.

One of the things that Play’n Go often uses in their communications is that they have good mathematicians on the team, and that also appears in this game. So it makes us happy to see through our fingers that they may not have the best graphic artists on the team.

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