As sure as it is Christmas once a year, so does Halloween once a year. At least in recent years it has become so. And it’s fun. Therefore, it is also often the case that as soon as September is over we start searching for the slot machines that will scare us through the fall. Microgaming has just as well done the short process and created a slot game called Halloween. So then all doubt is swept off the table right away. Appropriately enough, the machine was launched to the market in October and it happened in the year 2017.

The machine builds on the film of the same name. It came out in 1978 and became a huge success almost immediately. For many, who have not even seen the movie, this music is associated with Halloween. The film has since received many sequels and one of them came out in 2018. If you have seen the original movie then you will recognize Laurie, Annie, Lynda and Loomis, and of course you will also see Michael hiding somewhere behind your wheels and who jumps forward to scare you just when you least expect it. ..and if you haven’t seen the movie then it’s a great classic to see a dark autumn night.

How to play.

Halloween goes over what appears to be the porch that forms the entrance area of ​​the Strode family home. Transparent Halloween wheels offer standard 5-wheel and three-line layouts. It has 50 profitable paylines. It has a repayment percentage (RTP) of 96% and is thus completely within what is considered normal. And if you like to play on medium to high variance slots then this is a slot for you.

We find that a slot machine built over a horror movie has a high variance. Before you spin the wheels you should adjust your bet and set it to something that suits you. You can start as low as 20 euro cents or 2 kroner and you can adjust as high as 100 € or 1000 kroner. You can play Halloween both from your computer (laptop and desktop) and from your handheld device (mobile phone and tablet). The game has no jackpot, but the maximum possible win is 500 times your wager, and it can quickly be money.

Halloween features and festive things.

The bonus scatter is probably the most important symbol in the slot machine. That’s what gets you to the bonus game and that’s where you want to go. To activate the bonus game you must spin 3 or more bonus scatterers. Doing so will activate what is called the Trick or Treat feature. You then spin the reels to win up to 10 times your stake and you can continue to spin and collect winnings until you possibly activate the Boogeyman Bonus feature or the free spin feature.

Hallween free spins.

If you are able to find Lynda, Annie, Loomis or Laurie while the Trick or Treat feature is running, you will start the free spins. You will receive 9 free spins and one of the four personalities that activated the free spins will follow you through this session. This means that the wandering wheel, Wandering Reel, will have it activated and it is therefore this one that will help you towards greater gains.

Halloween of Microgaming - Review
Boogeyman Bonus.

Boogeyman is what we in Norwegian might call a busman, you know the one who scares young children with to make them behave nicely. Here at the slot machine Halloween, Boogeyman Bonus is a bonus game that takes place in the slightly scary house of Michael Myers. This is a so-called pick and click where we will choose and reveal cash prizes and casino bonuses are hidden under foliage.

There is also a multiplier that increases by 1 every time a bonus is revealed. The catch is that you have to avoid Michael. If, instead of uncovering a prize, you should find him, it will mean the end of the bonus game and you will be sent back to the main game. If you manage to find all 10 bonuses hidden in the bonus game then you will be rewarded with 20 times your stake.

Wandering Reel.

The rolling wheel function thus consists of a function where three wheels are spun at random at the same time. When the traveling wheels stop at one of three different positions. These are crucial to which wheels and paylines apply. The walking reels have Jumbo Block which are huge symbols that can spin on multiple reels, so for example a symbol, let’s say Loomis covers a whole 3 times 4 symbol positions.

The slot machine Halloween of Microgaming - Review


Personally, we find it very nice when we have special slot machines to come back to in the various seasons and holidays and the slot machine Halloween is definitely one of these. We probably won’t play it in May, because it is like that, but every fall we will come back and give it a few rounds. It’s not our favorite vending machine, it’s true. But we can’t get around it in October. Try it out at one of our recommended casinos online.

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