Ice Wolf was Elk Studios’ game launch in November 2019. For those of us who love casino slot machines from Elk Studios, you will recognize the feature expanding reels where the reels expand and contract again during the game. These were features we became familiar with such as Tahiti Gold and Voodoo Gold. However, Ice Wolf is not a blueprint of these, just so it is said.

Elk Studios presents the game Ice Wolf.

This is how Elk Studios presents its game itself: To reach the infamous top of the ice, you must cross an Arctic landscape where icy winds and eternal blizzards rage. When you enter the territory of the wolf, you quickly realize that you are not the alpha. But you can’t let the doubt stop you. When you reach the foot of the mountain, the challenging climb begins to the top. Can you call for help from your wolf guard? If you reach the top, the riches will really warm your soul.

How to Play Ice Wolf.

The game starts with six reels over three rows, but during the game these can be expanded by three to four rows. If the top row is activated then you can be rewarded with extra spins, wilds and a multiplier of up to 50 times. The game starts with 729 winning combinations, but as the reels grow upwards this also increases by up to 78,088 winning combinations.

The first thing you should always do when loading a game is to check the level of effort it is loaded with and adjust it to one that suits us and our style of play. In Ice Wolf we can adjust the bet from 20 euro cents to up to 100 €. In most casinos that take the Norwegian coin, this will be NOK 2 and NOK 1000.

The repayment rate of the machine over time is 96.1%. This is a number that must be taken as an indication of how much is going back to the player mass. You can’t expect to have £ 96 left after betting a hundred. Ice Wolf has relatively high volatility and a maximum payout potential of 250,000 coins.

Symbols and their functions.

As usual, the graphics are great in Elk Studios slot machine and this is of course reflected in the symbols as well. The machine appears painted and so do the symbols. The most important symbol, of course, is the wolf itself. This is characterized by a wolf head that stains teeth and with the text Wild. This symbol will trigger the Wolfpack feature, which causes the wolf flock to pull north over the wheels and remove the ice. But that’s not all because they will also leave a trail of wilds from the wolf’s starting position and up. In addition, you will be rewarded with one spin.

Ice Wolf of ELK Studio - Review

The wheels of Ice Wolf are divided into three. The bottom part is where we play normally. The middle three rows are covered with ice so they are not active normal and the upper one is visible though not active until the ice breaks on the middle ones. And this is, among other things, something the wolf does, as we mentioned above. As the wolf flocks upwards they will remove the ice over the rewarding symbols and they will also be included in your winnings. Winnings will also activate the respinn feature and if you get new wins in the respinn then you will get spinning again. This can continue indefinitely as long as you get winnings.

Top rank in Ice Wolf.

When the top row of your wheels, the one above the ice belt, activates some extra features, features that can of course take your winnings up a notch. Here are some of the rewards over the Ice Belt:

Here are sticky wilds that are locked throughout the spinning round, +1 spinning symbol that is stuck until it can be used in a spinning round, plus there are multiplier symbols. These are x2, x3, x5, x10 and x50.

The multiplier will be used on a winning spin and will multiply your winnings by the number in the multiplier symbol. So if you have a spin that gives a win of 44 € and a multiplier of 5 then it means that you have won 220 € or 2200 kr.

The slot machine Ice Wolf of ELK Studio - Review

Ice Wolf is just as sweeping in design and graphics as we are used to games from Elk Studios. However, we feel that the game lacks a bit of the excitement one would expect for a slot machine with high volatility. Maybe there is a little extra pressure in the winning potential or maybe it feels like there is little happening in the game. The machine is a bit in between two chairs, where it is not a simple classic, nor a video machine full of exciting features. That said, it is well worth trying the game at one of our recommended online casinos .

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