Elk Studios has developed yet another vending machine with a historical background. This time, the theme is Walter Scott’s story of Ivanhoe, an English nobleman from around the Middle Ages. Ivanhoe is, for those of you who have not read the book or seen any movie or TV series built over the book, a knight who returns to England after participating in the Crusades under Richard I.

This is the king who also went by the name Lionheart. Ivanhoe was a movie that was often shown on TV in rom Christmas so from there most of us know the story. In short, the act is that Prince John has taken the English crown while Richard the Lionheart is in captivity in Austria and with his men he controls the kingdom with a hard hand. Our hero Ivanhoe decides to fight to get King Richard back to the throne.

Elk Studio released this slot machine to the market in June 2017 and it’s a simple three-reel and three-row slot machine. A true classic in other words, just like the story of Ivanhoe it is. Though, despite its simplicity, the slot machine offers 5 bonus levels. But we will take a look at a little further down in the review.

Ivanhoe a classic in slot machine form.

As mentioned, Ivanhoe is a slot machine with a very classic layout. We have three wheels and three rows and 17 paylines that go from left to right. You have 12 different bet levels and each bet is 100 coins. In addition, there are two game modes, a normal mode and bonus mode and a maximum prize of up to 300,000 coins.

Ivanhoe of ELK Studios - Review

Let’s take a look at how this works:

It all starts in normal mode, of course and you spin your way to smaller prizes using the traditional symbols which are a crown, a seven, a bar, a lemon, a melon cherry in a red and white tab. When you get three Ivanhoe bonus symbols over your reels, you are sent to the bonus game. This is therefore identical to what we used to call bonus mode. Inside bonus mode, each new bonus symbol gives a free spin.

Bonus mode also has, as we mentioned earlier 5 levels. The first level is cold for Ambush. If you win 2500 coins in this level then you go to the next level and this is The Joust Part I. If you win 8000 here you advance to the next level which is Robin’s Rescue. 20,000 coins that let you advance to the level of The Joust Part II, and 81,000 coins in that level send you to the top and final level which is Return of the King. Inside the Return of the King you can win the maximum prize of 300,000 coins.

Ivanhoe of ELK Studios -

It may sound difficult to progress from level to level when so many coins are required to move forward, but it goes pretty fast because inside each and every time your winnings multiply an increasing factor. In the first level all the winnings are multiplied by 2, in the third level they multiply by 3 and then they gradually rise all the way up to the fifth level where your winnings are multiplied by factor 6.

Inside the bonus game the crown will become a wild symbol and will replace all symbols except the bonus symbol. In this way, it helps you create profitable situations.

The slot machine Ivanhoe of ELK Studios - Review

Our conclusion.

If you like simple and fast games, chances are you’ll like Invanhoe – The Return of the King. This is a very fast vending machine which is a wonderful combination of a simple fruit machine and a video vending machine. We believe this will be a new favorite for many persons.

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