Jingle Spin is real Christmas spirit wrapped in a slot machine. It’s NetEnt bringing us this jewel and it came on the market at the end of November 2018, just in time to put you in the right mood for Christmas. Jewel is really a description that fits in many ways because not only is it a jewel of an automaton, the symbols also look like those made of crystal.

Santa Claus himself has got a somewhat weird look and we hope there are glasses he wears for if it is the pupils that are so big then we think he has had enough Christmas porridge this year. Whatever it is, in this slot machine, we get to be with the Santa and his little helpers in the Santa’s workshop, and it’s a little different from what we imagined, really.

About the slot machine Jingle Spin.

Join us in Nissen’s workshop in this new slot game from NetEnt. Get started and spin the Christmas wheel with Christmas balls and see which balls fall into the hands of the Santa’s helpers for packing.

So this is one of the few new slot machines with Christmas theme of the year and it comes with traditional five reels and three rows. This gives us 15 symbol spaces and NetEnt has equipped the machine with 20 fixed paylines. In addition, the Jingle Spin has been equipped with a Christmas sphere wheel that can give you rewards such as coins, scattering wilds and free spins. The excitement also increases as the bullets can also land on wild symbols and trigger a prize.

Jingle Spin is an automatic with an RTP or payback percentage of 96.48% and it has a low volatility. We feel it fits well now at Christmas because it means you win the relationship often, even though the prizes are relatively small.

How to Play Jingle Spin.

You may also want to be reminded a little of The Legend of Shangri-La when you start playing, and that’s probably mostly because of Santa and his little exclamations. They are very reminiscent of the exclamations that the Guru of Shangri-La brought.

Before you start spinning you should of course adjust the bet level to one that suits you, and here at Jingle Spin it can be adjusted from 2 kroner up to 2000 kroner. Or if you play in euros, from 0.2 € to 200 €. The maximum win you can win in a single spin at the Jingle Spin slot machine is $ 100,000 or the same 10,000 coins.

Jingle Spin is designed to work flawlessly on mobile casinos so you can use your mobile device to play whether it is using iOS, Android or Windows operating system.

Symbols in the Jingle Spin Slot Machine.

Of course, this slot machine is filled with symbols that most of us associate with Merry Christmas. Here there are Christmas balls, drums, cones, reindeer plus the usual letters we know from the deck, all of which are designed as Christmas tree decorations. So here is just to fill the mug with Christmas lights, light up the incense lamp and find the gingerbread. It can’t be any more Christmas fun!

The roulette wheel or Christmas ball wheel and its special features
Most of us understand what a roulette wheel means inside a slot machine. This is where the jackpots win, so it’s not unnatural if your heart skips a beat at the sight of a roulette wheel.

Jingle Spin from Netent - Review

Here in this machine it works as follows: You spin and Santa pulls the lever to spin the Christmas wheel. This can offer different prizes, you can get a cash prize, free spins or simply nothing. Depending on what’s on the bullet, if the wheel lands on a bullet then. This bullet then lands in the hands of the first Santa helper sitting over your wheels.

This helper throws the ball to the next helper in the next spin and thus the ball migrates out of the playing field. But watching a cool walk is not exciting. So of course that’s not all it does. If you are lucky, a wild symbol will land on the wheel under the bullet holding the bullet. If you do, you will be rewarded with the prize that the bullet has. It is uncomplicated and very exciting.

The rewards you can get in the wheel.

Spreading Wild Bullet – These bullets will spread out and make all the bullets that are in the immediate vicinity both horizontally and diagonally will transform into wilds as well. However, these new spheres do not have the ability to transform new spheres into wilds.

Free Spin Ball – That’s exactly what it sounds like, free spins. You get the number of free spins that the ball shows.

Cash Prize – Some bullets show a number that indicates a number of coins that you will be credited with. The value of the prize depends, of course, on your bet, but the number of coins can vary from 50 up to 2500 coins. The number of coins you win will then be added to your winnings on that particular spin.

surprise Skule – This one may contain any of the above prizes, but you won’t be able to see which one before the ball opens.

Jingle Spin free spins.

As we have seen, the free spins round is activated with the help of the lucky wheel and the helpers. The number of free spins you can be credited with is 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 or a staggering 50 pieces.

When the free spins round starts, the Christmas wheel will once again be turned and send 4 balls up into the helpers hands and a fifth ball will also be added while the wheels are spinning. This of course gives you increased chances of winning as there are more bullets on the spins.

The free spins are spun as usual with the same bet that triggered the spin.

The slot machine Jingle Spin from Netent - Review

Jingle Spinn at the casino.

You can find this unpretentious Christmas machine at most casinos . It’s a machine we recommend you take a few spins on this holiday season. It will definitely put you in a good mood and maybe give you some extra cash to get you through January.

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