Find the gems of the universe! Joker Gems is a unique slot machine with sober and simple symbols, but with powerful gemstones in the nebula or Nebula as it is known in the professional language. As players, we are taken on a wonderful and colorful journey deep into the unknown parts of space. So if you dreamed of becoming an astronaut when you were a kid, you now have your own slot machine.

This is not a fast slot machine, the kind that makes you sit glued to the chair seat with your hair (if you have one, then) fluttering backwards. This is more of the classic and simple type. Joker Gems is simply a slightly laid back slot game. Something that may actually seem a bit stale that a jackpot machine has a leisurely pace when many of them maintain such a pace that one becomes completely dull just after five minutes.

Joker Gems on the other hand, you can play it for a while, and that with the sound on too. The slot machine was launched on the Norwegian gaming market on September 4 and already after the first week Joker Gems had paid out 112 jackpots to their players! So then you know what you have to do ..

About the Slot Machine Joker Gems.

The Joker Gems are played over five reels and five rows. As usual with the games from Elk Studio, this game is also developed primarily for the purpose of playing from mobile devices. That does not mean, however, that you cannot play the jackpots from your computer if you wish. Try the game from one of our very best mobile casinos .

Joker Gems of ELK Studio

You can adjust your bet from 0.20 € or so from 2 kroner and up to 100 € or 1000 kr if you want. The machine has medium to high volatility. Something you might not think if you just looked at the input range, because it’s something that is usually a bit higher on a high-volatility machine. But here we have a good example of the opposite being the case. The game’s RTP (reimbursement percentage over time) is 96.3% and in other words is well within what is considered normal.

Joker Gems offers three jackpots. These are bronze, silver and gold of which the largest, of course, gold is at 700 times your bet, plus you can also win the Gold Jackpot that comes as well.

Clusters in Nebula.

In Joker Gems, the winnings are created using clusters, or clusters as they are called here. Many players have heard of or been away in classes before, often in NetEnt slot machines such as Aloha! Cluster pays.

This time around, let’s take a look at how Elk Studios looks at clusters and it works just as well as brilliantly: The bigger clusters, the better the gains! If you get three identical symbols in close proximity to each other, then it is considered a small bunch and you are rewarded with a spin and ergo a chance to make the class even bigger. The re-spins will continue as long as new identical symbols are added to the class, or until a new cluster occurs.

Joker Gems Jackpots.

The jackpots consist of three predefined cluster patterns. Each of these rewards you with a fixed jackpot prize of either € 10,000, € 20,000 and € 50,000. All of these three can be triggered even if you play with the smallest bet, and you can win each one individually. But, and this is important: You increase the chances of winning all three jackpots by increasing your bets, and there is no limit to how many times you can win the jackpots …

Joker Gems of ELK Studio - review
Light Chaser feature.

The light fighter is triggered randomly in the game. The function can thus be activated on any spin and it will then travel over your wheels until it stops in a completely random position. When that happens you will be rewarded with a cluster of 4 to 5 equal symbols, followed by a spin.

Symbols and bunches.

The classes are formed by identical symbols of at least three pieces and inside the game settings you will be able to see an overview of how much the different classes pay according to how big they are. The symbols you see on your reels in Joker Gems are a very beautiful and elaborate face of a joker.

A bunch of three jokers will give you a payout 15 times greater than your bet. The next symbol in descending order of value is indicated by the number seven. Three sevens gives you a win 10 times your stake. Then follows the classic word BAR that pays you 6 times your bet if you get three the same. This is followed by four gems in the colors red, blue, orange and green.

The slot machine Joker Gems of ELK Studio - review


After playing Joker Gems one afternoon we are left with some mixed emotions .. The game is graphically done like all games from ELK Studio. The colors are clear, the symbols are great and the music never gets tiring. But there is something about the game that makes us feel it never completely takes off. The game has all the elements that would indicate excitement, but instead of sitting staring at the on-screen excitement, the tendency to let the gaze out of focus had to be actively combated.

However, the chance to win one or all three jackpots did their best to keep us on screen and if you like to play for jackpot prizes we recommend trying the game at one of our recommended casinos online.

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