The movie this slot machine is based on tells the wonderful story of a family moving into a new house (when a movie starts like this, then you know that now there is nerve-wracking excitement waiting). In the new house, two children find a board game and this game takes them on a wild adventure into the deepest black jungle. NetEnt has given Jumanji his own twist, of course and here the challenges that Alan faced were turned into positive outcomes for us as a player.

The board game feature is quite unique and we believe many players will fall in love with it. The feature is NetEnt’s latest innovation and it combines video slot games with a mystery feature, coin winnings and extra dice rolls. So hang on to this review and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this game.

About the slot machine Jumanji.

Jumanji is a slot machine that draws all the wonders of the world from the deepest black jungle right into your living room. So now it is important to hold on to the hat, because what comes there you have no opportunity to be prepared. Now, naturally, the Motörhead slot machine is not the most thought of when hearing about NetEnts Jumanji, but the wheel layout that NetEnt uses here is somewhat reminiscent of a variation of what was used in Motörhead and also in Dazzle me.

In these two slot machines, the reels gradually grew from displaying three symbol spaces via four and up to five symbol spaces. Here in Jumanji we go from three, via four and up to five and then go back again via four to three symbol spaces.

Bottom line, in short, we play over five reels, but the number of symbol spaces is not the same on all reels. We find 36 paylines that go from left to right. You can adjust the bet from 0.10 € to up to 200 €. The slot machine’s RTP is at 93.33% and it has a medium variance. Maximum winnings are at 504x times their wager, which if you play with maximum wagers will make you a whole € 100,800 richer. But let’s go ahead and take a look at the features and bonus games that Jumanji brings.

Features of the Jumanji Slot Machine.

Sticky Vines – when this feature is active, all symbols that are part of a prize-giving line plus all wilds from the original spin, even if they were not part of the prize combination, will be pasted to the reel, and so will the remaining symbols spun again. You can be rewarded with multiple sticky vines in a sticky vines spin.

Monsoon Wilds – We’ve all heard about monsoon not true. We prefer to associate it with a lot of rain. It is the summer monsoon that brings rain, the winter monsoon is as dry and cold as the summer monsoon is moist and warm. Whether it’s summer or winter, your wheels in Jumanji will be completely covered by wilds when this feature is enabled.

Jumanji of Netent - Review

Monkey Mayhem- Apevold .. It doesn’t sound particularly nice, does it? But here, as we mentioned at the outset, all the nastiness that Alan was exposed to in the movie got a positive sign. Therefore, when Monkey Mayhem is activated, any winnings will be paid out once the spin has stopped. But then the symbols will be arbitrarily shuffled to give a guaranteed win.

Wild Stampede – When this tapping feature is active, the rhinos will trample your screen as the reels spin and they will add anywhere from 4 to 9 wild symbols.

It is in the next two functions that the fun really begins ..

The Bonus Game Board Game.

The bonus game is triggered when a minimum of three scatter symbols land on your reels and the bonus game in Jumanju is unique. It is the first of its kind and you soon understand why. This bonus game combines elements we know from the good old board games with four different free spins (the ones above plus the mystery feature below). The player moves the chip on the game board by throwing two dice.

The probability of the roll is the same as that of a physical dice (ie 1/6). The number of throws you get is determined as follows: Spin 3 Scatter symbols and be rewarded with 6 dice throws. Spin out 4 scatters and be rewarded with 7 dice throws. Spin out 5 scatter symbols and you will be rewarded with 8 dice rolls.

As you can see, a free spin feature has been added to every corner of the board. When a chip lands on one of the top two of these slots, the free spin feature will be activated. The free spin feature has the same characteristics as a spin in the main game and can thus provide Sticky Vies and Vines free spin.

The slot machine Jumanji of Netent - Review
Myestery Feature.

When a piece lands on a Mystery Feature then a carousel of free spin features will start and coin winnings and extra dice rolls will appear inside the Jumanji circle. You will win what the carousel stops at.

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