Of course, this slot machine from Yggdrasil Gaming builds on Rudyard Kipling’s books The Jungle Books, which by the way became two of them. Kipling was born in India, which at that time was under British rule and it is from there that he drew his inspiration for these books. The books about Mowgli and his friends have had a tremendous impact on many generations of young readers and viewers of the many films that have been based on the books.

In this review, we will therefore consider Yggdrasil Gaming slot machine based on the same books. Jungle Books is not the first slot machine to have been inspired by Kipling’s books, nor will it be the last. Jungle Books was launched on the market on September 20 in 2017 and it is a slot machine that many in the industry have been waiting for excitement because when Yggdrasil when they announced it they also made it clear that this was going to be a slot machine full of features. What we got here is almost a masterpiece of a slot machine with a beautifully executed 3D graphic.

About Jungle Books.

Here we once again salute the old acquaintances of Mowgli, Baloo, Baghera, Kaa and Shere Khan and they all have their function in this game. We play over five reels and three rows on four of the reels and over four rows on the fifth and middle reels. Jungle Books has three realms, each of which has between 58 and 68 paylines. Two of these go from left to right and one goes from both sides. So both from left to right and from right to left.

The vending machine has a payback percentage of 96.1% and has a volatility of around medium. The wager can vary from 1 kroner to as much as 1000 kroner and the maximum winnings are as much as 50,000 coins, and it can turn out to be a nice sum, depending on your bet.

How to Play at Jungle Books.

First of all when you play, you usually take a look at and change the bet per spin and then it is just pressing the spin and the game is up and running. You can do it, but most of us like to know the game before we start playing and that’s what we’re going to explain to you today.

In Jungle Books you will get to know different “realms”. A realm is a world and the Jungle Book thus has five different worlds that you can get to know. Each world has its own host in the Jungle Book and two different bonus features. When you start the game Mowgli is the host and his functions apply. After playing for a while, one of the other protagonists will show up. This means that the features of their world are merged and you get to enjoy both, this is the new and revolutionary feature called Fusion Realms.

When you have been visited by a guest for a while, one of three things can happen. The guest can either take you over to his world where he will now be the host. Or he can take you to one of the other protagonists’ world or he can leave the stage and leave you in the world you already were. So regardless of the outcome of the visit, we have 10 different bonus features that can be combined in all forty-five different ways.

Jungel Books deserves.

We have mentioned the different values ​​in the slot machine several times and now we will take a closer look at each one.

The first world is Mowgli’s world and here you can be spied on by Spreading wilds or scatter jokers, where wilds that land on your reels can spread and become one or two extra wilds randomly placed on the reels.

Jungle Books of Yggdrasil - Review

In the tiger’s world, all winnings will trigger pasted spins, where both the triggering symbols and wild symbols will remain pasted on the reels through a spin.

In the panther’s BagherasIn the world there is a Superhigh Pay Symbols that are turned into wilds. There is also a prize multiplier that is triggered randomly and multiplies your winnings by 2, 3 or 5.

In the world of Snake Kaas there is a wild multiplier feature where at least one wild symbol will be multiplied by 3. You can also win both ways.

Finally we have the bear Baloosthe world where we find the function stacked symbols. One symbol can be chosen at random and will then be stacked over all the reels on each spin. It also includes wild symbols and the special symbols Honey comb. This is placed on the middle high wheel and can give it a small click and select mini games where you can win a prize for each honeycomb you spin. It is also here that the maximum prize of 50,000 coins lies.

The slot machine Jungle Books of Yggdrasil - Review

In addition to all this, there is also a wheel synchronizing feature that can appear in all worlds. This feature allows some selected wheels (wheels 1 and 2 in Mowglis, Baloos and Shere Khan world and on wheels 4 and 5 in Baghera’s world and finally on wheels 2, 3 and 5 in Kaas world).


Jungle Books is an incredibly beautifully executed slot machine, with graphics that provide a complete chin drop and features that really bring something new to the industry. Jungle Books is certainly one of the year’s very best game launches.

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