If there’s anything Elk Studios can do, it’s telling amazing stories in their slots. It should be almost mandatory for all players to read at least one game review before playing any of the games that this Scandinavian game developer comes up with. We are reminded of the troll family with their own casino in Electric Sam and the bullfighter in Wild Toro. But this time it is to Japan we go and we will learn about the monsters Kaiju, which in Japanese simply means strange beasts. These beasts probably originated in Godzilla.

Elk Studios Kaiju is no worse than suffering from a curse that causes crystals and gems to grow on the beast’s skin. The stones are heavy and they hurt and the pain makes Kaiju angry and the beast takes his mind off the humans. Fortunately, a female cyborg named HA-42 has set out to save humanity. She has supernatural powers and moves at the speed of light, plus she has inhuman strength. She finds Kaiju and removes the stones, which makes the beast harmless and it goes into a quiet hibernation. What do you think of the story so far? It promises well for a few rounds on the levers, right?

About the slot machine Kaiju.

The Kaiju is played over five reels and three rows and it boasts up to 7776 paylines. We say up because you can choose one of four game strategies yourself and depending on which one you choose there will be so or so many paylines. The game has a RTP payback percentage of 96.3%.

Kaiju of ELK Studio

This means that over time, the slot machine pays back to players 96.3% of wagers. The game has high volatility and that means you don’t win often, but on the other hand you win bigger prizes. The turnover rate is around 19%. The bet can be adjusted from 20 cents up to 100 € if you play at a casino with euro as currency, or from 2 up to 1000 euro if you play with Norwegian kroner. The maximum prize in the slot machine is € 130,440

Features of the game about Kaiju.

In the main game, the paylines go from left to right and here a combination of three or more equal symbols will win. If the symbols are vertical then it will create a vertical laser and you will get wild symbols in the row above.

Bonus in the Kaiju Slot Machine.

A bonus in a slot machine is not what we normally call a casino bonus , but a bonus in a slot machine is many times much more profitable. In Kaiju, the bonus game is called Kaiju Battle and it is characterized by three HA-42, which is the female cyborg who will save us from an evil Kaiju, appear on the three middle wheels. This then triggers 7 free spins in the bonus game.

A randomly selected Kaiju opponent that can be red, green or blue also pops up. Each of these has its hot spot activated by the laser. These points can be seen over the wheels. Vertical lasers with wilds cause the wheels to expand upwards.

Vertical laser

Kaiju of ELK Studio - Review

The vertical laser is thus triggered by three identical symbols being connected vertically. This then triggers a wild that expands over the wheels. This extended reel will stand throughout the rest of the free spins in the bonus game. All the wheels can be expanded up to the point called the hot spot. For each reel that extends up to the hot spot you are given one extra free spin. Kaijuen has been defeated when you have managed to activate all the hot spots.

Play strategies.

As we were a little in the beginning, in Kaiju you can choose one of four game strategies. But this is not specific to the Kaiju slot machine, it is special to games from Elk Studios. This developer allows you to choose one of four strategies for your game. If you do not choose any strategy then the default strategy will apply. But if you want to have a little more control over the game then you can choose from the Optimizer strategies that will play a certain percentage of your balance, Levels that will raise your bet after 5 consecutive losses, Booster which will increase after each loss or Jumper as will increase after gain.

Mobile first.

Elk Studios is primarily developing mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The games, of course, also work on computers, but they are the best on handheld devices.

The slot machine Kaiju of ELK Studio

Our thoughts on the game Kajiu.

Kajiu is beautifully made and as usual the story is made for itself. As the game loads, we see the image of a city that looks Asian with all its neolys. Then HA-42 tells us that this is her home and then the game starts. As always when playing at Elk Studios slot machines we enjoy the experience and we always prefer to play from the mobile. This is not a game with many and intricate bonus games, but it is a game we feel sure you will like.

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Accepted Countries: Canada, Ireland, South Africa
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Accepted Countries: UK, Canada, Ireland
3.8 rating
Accepted Countries: Canada, Ireland, South Africa
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