Are shivers and thrills your thing? Then it’s time you started playing the Long Pao slot machine. This slot machine was brought to the market by game provider NetEnt. You play the Long Pao slot machine with a total of 5 reels for the win.

Play Long Pao at Nomini Casino with 100% BONUS UP TO 500 + 200 BONUS SPINS.

If you are going to play this game you will be able to win nice cash prizes. In addition, the payout percentage is very high, at 96.96%.

Long Pao Review.

Playing for the winnings in the online casino is definitely worth it if you look at the payout percentage of the game. You play for nice cash prizes by spinning the 5 reels of the Long Pao slot machine. If you want to enjoy this game to the fullest, you have to spin a combination on the reels of the game. You must always form a combination with at least 3 symbols of the same kind. The more symbols you spin, the higher the winnings.

The combination must always meet a number of points. In addition to showing at least 3 identical symbols, it will also have to be spun on consecutive reels. It should never be interrupted by any other symbol type. Combinations must also always follow one of the 25 paylines. It is important that each combination is turned from the leftmost reel to the right. In the prize table you can find exactly which values ​​the symbols have received and what winnings you can achieve with them.

Theme & Symbols of Long Pao.

Game provider NetEnt has chosen an Oriental theme. They have worked out the theme very well, making it even more fun to play this game. If you get started with the Long Pao slot machine, you will encounter a beautiful background and a matching playing field. You will soon see that everything has to do with Eastern fighters. You see both men and tough women pass by.

Starting with the Long Pao slot machine, you will see a large shed in the background. Fights take place here that are fought by Eastern men and women. You see large steel pillars, checkered roofs and Oriental details. Because of the beautiful background and the beautiful elaboration, it seems as if you are in the room yourself. That quickly makes it exciting to play the Long Pao slot game.

NetEnt has also added nice symbols on the 5 reels of the game. You will encounter different characters when you spin the reels. Women with gold crowns, women with black make-up, men with crowns, men with hats, you will find them all. In addition, you can also spin swords, dragons, Chinese characters and much more. The playing field looks good and is therefore filled with symbols related to the theme.

How do I play Long Pao?

Before you get started with the Long Pao slot machine, it is important that you get to know the game well. As a player you need to know how to play the game and which buttons to use. Good to know is that this slot has only a minimum number of buttons. Game provider NetEnt has kept the game very simple with this. Even novice players with little experience can therefore play for the fun and the win.

At the bottom of the reels of the game you will find all buttons. You can see the function with each button, so you immediately know what they are for. This way you immediately know which button to use. If you want to spin the reels of the game, you will have to do this with the round green button with the two white arrows on it. You have a chance of winning with every spin, so the tension is high and you always have many winning opportunities.

You can always spin the reels of the slot with a bet of your choice, if you gamble with real money. With the ‘COIN VALUE’ button you can place a bet in a very simple way. You can decrease or increase the bet with the two green arrows on this button. It is just what you want. If you are going to place a bet, it is good to know that the betting limits are wide. You can place a minimum of € 0.25 per spin and a maximum of € 250.

Bonus features.

To increase the tension even higher, game provider NetEnt has added a number of extra functions. As you can always expect from NetEnt, the extra features of the Long Pao slot machine also have a lot to offer. This way you can clearly increase the chance of winning with these bonuses and you can also win nice cash prizes.

Long pao online slot machine net entertainment

Wild symbol.

The Chinese character that you can turn as a symbol is the Wild symbol. That means that he can replace all symbol types of the Long Pao slot. This can quickly increase the chances of winning. Do you spin an interrupted combination on the reels and does the Wild symbol also appear? Then he will take the place of the wrong symbol type. The interrupted combination is then completed. You as a player will therefore still receive a cash prize.

Free Spins.

Not only the Wild symbols make the Long Pao slot machine interesting. You can also spin Free Spin symbols. You can recognize this by the golden dragon. If you show 5 or more Free Spin symbols on the reels, you will receive at least 10 free spins. This can be up to 30 free spins. With the free spins you can spin the reels of the Long Pao slot machine for free. This gives you a chance to win free cash prizes. All prizes you get with the free spins will be paid out with a multiplier of x3.

What we think of Long Pao?

We think this slot machine from game provider NetEnt is really great. The quality is high, you play with a high payout percentage and before you know it you have a nice cash prize if you are lucky. You play the slot machine with interesting extra features and the chance of winning can certainly be increased with this. If you are going to play this game you will not be bored for a moment. The theme is well developed and it seems as if you have ended up in the Eastern world yourself.

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