Lucha Maniacs from Yggdrasil Gaming are inspired by a popular sport in Mexico called Lucha Libre (free wrestling) and when you see a Lucha Libre match for the first time you may think that what you are seeing is a type of American wrestling. But that is not the case. American wrestling, Mexican lucha libre and Japanese Puroresu all have the same origins but have evolved in different directions. The Japanese part has less focus on circus and entertainment than the other two, it is more sober American wrestling has a lot of focus on muscular bodies, a lot of circus around the fight itself and a lot of verbal fight before the fight itself.

In lucha libre the focus is the opposite. There is a lot of circus and entertainment here, but there is not much verbal buzz before the matches. They are the actors who stand for the circus during the fighting. The actors wear colorful suits and masks. A match is a sports show that combines fighting with acrobatics and even tells a story. The mask is very important in Lucha Libre and if a breaker loses or has to take off the mask in a fight, he or she will not be able to use that mask anymore and will have to create a new image.

So then we have learned a bit about the background of the slot machine Lucha Maniacs now let’s look at what it brings us.

About Lucha Maniacs.

When is it all free for all of us to put on a mask and a personality to join this Mexican martial arts. We play over standard five reels and three rows and we get 20 paylines that all go from left to right. Lucha Maniacs has eight symbols that give us winnings if we manage to spin three or more identical ones. During the game we will be accompanied by festive Mexican music. This may be a little tiring for the Nordic ear, but you can turn the music off if you want and keep the game’s action sounds. The slot machine Lucha Maniacs appears with the drawn line and it is both colorful and detailed.

You can adjust the bet from 2 kroner, or 0.2 € and up to 1000 kroner or 100 euros. We normally do not recommend playing with the least bets as you would normally have higher chances of getting to bonus games etc.

Bonus games and casino bonuses of Lucha Maniacs.

Once you have spun 3 or more scatter symbols, you will be sent to the bonus game with at least 7 free spins. In the bonus game you play with the same bet you had when the bonus game was triggered and before you enter this mode you have to choose a hidden function.

You do this by choosing from a variety of entry tickets and it works this way:
If you love big casino bonuses then know that if you spin 3 scatters, you get 7 free spins and you can choose 3 features. If you spin 4 scatter symbols, you get 15 free spins and 3 features left. If you spin 5 bonus symbols, you get a total of 30 free spins, while the number of features remains the same.

Lucha Maniacs Features.

The features that exist and that you choose from are as follows: 2 extra free spins. So these come in addition to the ones you were already rewarded with. 4 extra free spins. One or two wild symbols randomly placed on your reels. A sticky wild that is put on the second, third or fourth wheel. An x3 multiplier on one of the switches. A switch that acts like wild. A switch that will act like stacked wild on your wheels. A red and pink switch that turns into a tag team, or green and blue switches become a tag team. The fact that they become a tag team means that they work together.

Lucha Maniacs of Yggdrasil - Review
Golden Bet.

This is a feature that when activated, players will be assigned an additional feature when entering the free spin mode. This is a feature that costs a little extra, so you have to pay 5 extra coins per spin. The function can be switched on and off between the spins in the main game.

Re-activation of free spin mode.

The bonus game can be re-activated if you receive two or more bonus symbols while you are already in the bonus game. This will reactivate the free spins and hand out at least one more feature, maybe more.

The slot machine Lucha Maniacs of Yggdrasil - Review

Our thoughts on Lucha Maniacs.

It can be a little difficult at first and understand lucha libre and getting caught and hooked on the sport. Lucha Maniacs on the other hand are a lot of stuff. You do not need to understand the sport that inspired the game to enjoy this slot machine. And if you like this kind of game then there is a variant from Play’n Go called Luchadora.

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