Neon Rush is a game that fans of movies like Fast & Furious will enjoy. Here there is burnt rubber against asphalt and a lot of neon light. The game is loaded over a futuristic city, full of lit neon lights and we have clearly landed on a huge motorcycle with thick wheels, so we know that here it will go away. The game comes with the feature that Yggdrasil has called Splitz. We already know it from Temple Stacks Splitz and although you can probably already imagine what that feature entails, we will take a look at it further down.

Under the armor of the Neon Rush Splitz.

Neon Rush Splitz went on the market on April 23, 2020 and is available on most Norwegian casino sites and is a game that works perfectly in the mobile casino . At most online casinos, the game will be loaded with a standard bet of $ 20, or € 2 if you play with that currency unit. If the bet is right for you, then it is just spoon and run. If not, you can adjust it from around 1 kroner and up to 400 kroner.

The slot machine has ten paylines and the game goes over five reels and three rows. Otherwise, it comes with a payback percentage of around 96.3% in the main game, and the game’s volatility is high. That means the chance of winning big is there, you can actually win as much as 25,676 times your stake. The slot machine has several jackpots that make the game exciting. But it is also conceivable that you lose a good chance before you get the big win. It is therefore always smart to play with responsibility.

Symbols and graphics.

Neon Rush is thus an automaton full of neon lights. It’s almost as if you’ve landed in some futuristic Asian city. The soundtrack doesn’t seem to us to add anything to the game and we chose to turn it off pretty quickly. The symbols fit the game’s look, of course, but they do not stand out in any way as particularly great or special. But it is not actually necessary either. As long as the game is exciting, it can almost be the same with how beautiful or detailed the symbols are.

Neon Rush of Yggdrasil - review

The symbols are thus simply different shapes made of neon lights. Here are ovals, squares, triangles and gemstones of different colors. In addition to these come of course the special symbols that trigger various functions and we will look at them now.

Splitz features.

You will notice this feature relatively quickly as it appears quite frequently in the game. The splitz symbols are luminous blue squares with the letter S in. In fact, it is designed as a dollar sign. Maybe it’s deliberate, maybe it’s a coincidence.

The splice symbols that land randomly on your reels are a wild symbol and it can divide itself from two to up to five and ergo give you up to five symbols. But it can not only give you very ordinary payout symbols, out of a spiltz symbol can also come wild symbols and jackpot symbols. You can actually get progressively more splitz symbols across your reels from reel one and all the way up to reel five.

Scatter in Neon Rush.

The Scatter is one of the symbols that can emerge from a splitz symbol and it is easily recognizable because it is the word Free Spins. You can get up to 30 pieces of free spin if you are lucky. The number of free spins you receive from the scatter is as follows:

  • 3 free spins symbols = 10 free spins
  • 4 free spins symbols = 20 free spins
  • 5 free spins symbols = 30 free spins The free spins

round is what we count for the bonus game and also in the bonus game, spiltz can perform, but you can not get more free spins in the bonus round.

Jackpot funct.

We know of jackpots that show up randomly and reward you with a certain amount of money, and then we know the jackpots that we have to work a little by advancing several steps before we finally reach the big prize.

Here in Neon Rush there is a more random solution in that the jackpot symbols hide behind the splitz symbol. To get jackpots, you need to get more splitz symbols with jackpot symbols under the hood. The winnings will be distributed as follows:

  • 5 jackpot symbols will trigger the Rush Jackpot and pay the 5x bet
  • 6 jackpot symbols will trigger the Neon Jackpot and pay the 20x bet
  • 7 jackpot symbols will trigger the Hyper Jackpot and pay the 50x bet
  • 8 jackpot symbols will trigger the Mega Jackpot and pay the 100x bet
  • 9 jackpot symbols will trigger the Superior Jackpot and pay the 500x bet
  • 10 jackpot symbols will trigger the Ultra Jackpot and pay the 25000x bet
The slot machine Neon Rush of Yggdrasi
Our thoughts on Neon Rush Splitz.

First of all, let us admit that neon is not a signatory’s favorite, so the vending machine starts with a small rear, albeit completely unscathed. However, we must say that Neon Rush Splitz quickly got over this disadvantage and we really enjoyed the game. We have simply been absorbed by it. We feel confident that Neon Rush Splitz will become many a Norwegian player’s favorite in the future. And a chance of winning over $ 10 million just makes the game even more exciting.

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Accepted Countries: Canada, Ireland, South Africa
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Accepted Countries: UK, Canada, Ireland
3.8 rating
Accepted Countries: Canada, Ireland, South Africa
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