The Orient Express was a train route that went from Paris via Budapest and Bucharest to Istambul. It was a journey in luxury, which became legendary for both service and not least for its good cuisine. Yet and as of today, probably the first thing most of us think of when we hear Orient Express is probably Agata Christie’s crime novel. The novel was called Murder on the Orient Express and the action has just been added to a journey on this express route. By the way, the route went in various variations from 1883 until it was closed in 2009.

Although Hercule Poirot is not on the journey, at least not officially, Yggdrasil has managed to recreate an atmosphere reminiscent of the one we can find in Christie’s book. However, here we are not going to solve any murders, here we are going to vanish and go into different game modes, four pieces to be specific and each of them with theme from one of the exotic cities Orient Expressen is visiting on his journey.

About the slot machine.

The Orient Express is played over five reels and three rows and it has 20 fixed payline lines, all created from left to right. It has an RTP, or repayment rate of 96.1%. But keep in mind that this is a statistical percentage over time. That does not mean that if you deposit $ 100 and play half an hour, then you can expect to end the gaming session with $ 96.

Before you start playing, however, you must adjust your bet and set it to a level that suits you, your style of play, your wallet and your courage. You can place the bet from as little as 2 kroner and as much as 1000 kroner.

game Modes.

As we mentioned at the outset, Yggdrasil Gaming’s Orient Express comes with four different game modes, or Game Modes. We start in Paris, which was also the Orient Express first station and then we will stop at the Venice, Belgrade and Istambul stations. If and when you arrive at the last stop (Istambul), you will have the opportunity to choose for yourself which city you want to play in. But let’s look at the different modes:

Paris with wandering wild symbols.

In Paris, walking wilds or wandering wild symbols will land randomly on your wheels. These give free spins and will then wander over to the wheel on the left. Revolving will be provided as long as there are one walking wilds on your reels. You can also be awarded new wild symbols during the spin, which gives you extra chances to win. In the main game, that is, wandering wilds can appear on any reel. In the free spins mode, they will perform more frequently.

Venice with multiplier clock.

Next stop is Venice and we are clocked in with a multiplier clock. This will occur after you have spun out a winning combination. In the main game it means you get an arbitrary multiplier of between 2 and 5 times. In the free spins mode, it means that all your winning combinations are multiplied by a factor between 2 and 5.

Belgrade by small train.

When you arrive in Belgrade, small trains will arrive at your game wheels. They will run in from the right and go to the left of your screen. When they stop on a wheel they will release wild wheels. In the main game, reels 1 and 3 can be transformed wildly by the trains and in the free play mode, reels 1 and 3 can be transformed into wild reels for each free spin.

Orient Express of Yggdrasil - Review

Istambul with postcards.

At the third and last station we get a postcard from Istambul. If we also think that today’s Istambul in its time was called Constantinople, then it becomes almost perfect, not true: Postcard from Constantinople. It sounds really old fashioned and really exciting. It is no less exciting in Yggdrasil’s version, because here the postcards come flying in and land on random symbols. These symbols are then transformed into wild symbols. In the main game, between 2 to 12 symbols can be randomly transformed into wilds and in free spin mode, 2 to 12 symbols can be turned into wilds after each free spin.

Free spin feature.

Orient Express also has a free spin feature or mode, and it starts when you have spun at least three free spin symbols. As you probably understand by explaining the different modes above, you can get free spins inside these modes and this will affect the special features of the mode. But let’s look at how and how many free spins you can get.

3 free spins symbols give you 7 free spins, 4 free spins symbols give me a total of 15 free spins and 5 free spins symbols will give you as much as 30 free spins.

The slot machine Orient Express of Yggdrasil
Our thoughts on Orient Express.

Like most slot machines launched by Yggdrasil Gaming, this is also an exciting and innovative slot machine that will keep you on your toes. The graphics are great and in the stage setting the same. The game offers an abundance of exciting features and modes that allow time to fly as you play here. The fact that you can win up to 200 times your bet does not destroy the excitement either.

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