A platoon in the military terminology is a troop, so in this slot machine from Elk Studio we get to hang with a bunch of slot machine Bloopers in their new film production called Platooners.

Elk Studios is helping us get to know the characters in the slot machines. They build up a story and the actors come back as old friends and we get to take part in a new adventure. This is an angle that other developers have also used. For example, Yggdrasil Gaming in his trilogy with Vikings. It is the same Vikings who go again. But there is still something unique about the way Elk Studios does it, or maybe it’s just that Elk Studios’ characters are more likable. But let’s take a look at the slot machine that Elk Studio brings us this time.

Platooners staging and history.

Elk Studios always tells us a story in their slot machines and in Platooners is the story of a movie studio. In the studio, the air is buzzing with excitement, the scene is clear, the lights, microphones and cameras are all ready. Everyone is eager and smug to get started with the production and nervous not least the stars themselves who stumble and fumble around with their impressive, but oh so heavy rockets, heavy machine guns, grenades and everything else.

Platooners from ELK Studio

Some shout: Action! And the disaster is a fact … the three members of the squad, Platooners as they are called in the slot machine, are impossible to control. Of course, they only want to please, but the eagle takes over and rockets and grenades are shipped in hut and torment … yes, it’s actually just okay to seek cover.

How to Play on Platooners.

The game goes over five reels and four rows and you can adjust your bet from 0.20 € (2 kr) to 100 € (1000 kr). Here are no less than 178 paylines and the automatic RTP or payback percentage over time is 96.3%. Volatility is medium to high, so it may not be the slot machine you should bet on the days you have a limited gaming budget, because high volatility means that the slot machine generates fewer winning spins, but in return the rewards are higher. In other words, this means that you may have to play for a while before you get any reward for your efforts. And while we are in on this with winnings, the maximum prize you can spin here is 250,000 coins.

Then over to the excitement itself, namely what needs to be spun up to get your fingers in these 250,000 coins, so we’ll have a look at the slot machine’s features and such.

Action Spins!

Ready, done, Action! And the little colorful Platooners are running fast. This results in the fact that after any spin, this gang can show up to start firing with their weapons (fortunately, they don’t shoot sharply) while the wheels spin again. Each of the characters has its own unique way of affecting the spin, but it always works to our advantage.

Platooners from ELK Studio - Review

The green platoon shoots rockets at reels 1 and 3 and fills them with identical symbols. This gives us great chances of winning, of course. The red platoon is completely unsteady and he throws grenades in all directions. This results in random wild symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5.

The yellow platoon shoots with the machine gun on reels 2 to 5 after the first reel stops and this results in at least one type of gain.

But that is not all for these can also be linked and this makes the chances of winnings even higher. So if you are really lucky with your spin then you can get a payline with 5 bonus symbols, which brings you in to the bonus game, and we all know that in the bonus game the big things happen, right?

Platooners vs. Snakes of Fortune.

What is a bit confusing is that the gang is equipped as if they were going to war, but that’s not what it’s all about here, here are the snakes it’s about … So when you get into the bonus game called Platooners vs. Snakes of Fortune is a snake the gang is fighting. You get to the bonus game by spinning out three or more bonus symbols. The bonus game starts with fifteen rounds and in these platooners will take turns attacking the snake. If you manage to spin more bonus symbols in the bonus game then you will get more rounds in the bonus game.

If you have the opportunity to attack with two platooners, it gives you better chances of winning and should you attack with all three, then chances are unimaginable. If you defeat the snake then you advance in game level and ergo you get the chance to win bigger winnings.

The slot machine Platooners from ELK Studio - Review
Our thoughts on Platooners.

Platooners are an entertaining and fast-paced game. It looks simple and innocent on the surface, but it’s a game that can keep you entertained for hours. Just remember not to try this game with a slinky gaming account. As always, the slot machines from Elk Studio are developed with tanek at the casino for mobile .

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