If you like Asian-themed slot machines, Poprocks has another chance to make your list a favorite. At least that says Yggdrasil. But we would argue that the Asian is not particularly pronounced. If you want to try another slot game created by AvatarUX Studios, take a look at Lilith’s Inferno . PopRocks comes with a cool soundscape and wonderful graphics.

We get the feeling of having ended up in a kind of electro concert, of the quiet more classic kind. And what better fits in these times than a concert at home. The game was delivered to the market on April 7, 2020, which is a time in world history where large parts of the world’s population sit at home, without the opportunity to go out and much less in concert.

What to Expect from PopRocks.

PopRocks is loaded with the traditional five wheels and three symbol heights. However, these can extend up to 7 symbol spaces in height. The music is quiet and the background of the game is blue. It is difficult to determine the theme of the slot machine, so far. But then you start a spin and the soundscape turns into something reminiscent of something from a sci-fi movie. We have been caught and are fascinated.

Poprocks of Yggdrasil

Of course, you should check that the bet the game is loaded with suits you, and if it doesn’t, you can adjust it to 0.1 € or 1 kroner and up to 10 € or 100 kroner. PopRocks has a repayment percentage over time (RTP) of 96.4% and is completely within what is considered normal. You might think that this is a game with low volatility, but it is not. The game has very high volatility and it can go both hot and cold.

In terms of paylines, the game starts with 486 pieces, but they can be expanded to 33,614. If your spin clocks in perfectly, you can win a maximum profit of € 866,256, or around NOK 9 million.

The game is perfect for mobile and you will be able to find it at the best mobile casinos .

The features that create excitement in PopRocks.


The first and most interesting feature of the slot machine is, of course, the PopWins feature and we expect that it will be the one we will see again in different versions of the upcoming slot machines in the series. The PopWins feature allows you to pop (explode) symbols to transform them into two new symbols. If you win, it pops up again, and when you no longer win, the PopWin function ends.

The slot machine Poprocks of Yggdrasil


For every seventh pop collected in Pops Vault, the multiplier will go up by 1. However, it should be said that you need a good portion of luck to stack one multiplier after another several times. It is this feature that allows you to get up to 72,188 times your bet, and of course it is not just just to come.

Bonus mode.

PopRocks can go into what is called Extreme Bonus mode. It happens when the rows increase and become seven symbol spaces high. This will then result in you getting three extra strengths. These are a wild that will immediately replace a random symbol. A multiplier increase of times two instead of times 1 for every seven Pop. And finally, a new symbol will appear for each Pop.

The slot machine Poprocks of Yggdrasil - Reveiw
Our thoughts on PopRocks.

PopRocks brings us new features that bring us excitement. You may mistakenly believe that the game lacks speed and excitement. It is the quiet electronic music that lulls you into this belief. But you are shamefully mistaken for all of a sudden then it takes off and there are lights and colors, gunpowder and bangs. It is easy to get caught by the slot machine so beware as this is a slot machine with high volatility.

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