Pumkin Smash or crushing pumpkin is Yggdrasil Gaming’s way of celebrating the fall. In many countries, including the United States, pumpkin is the symbol of the fall and the vegetable also has a prominent place in the celebration of Halloween. After all, Yggdrasil Gaming is known for baking a good piece of humor into their games and so have they done with Pumkin Smash.

It is very reminiscent of an old success of one of the competitors and of course we think of Esqueleto Explosivo. The music makes us think that we are once again in Mexico and the death heads bring to mind the Mexican celebration of the day of the dead. The Day of the Dead is not a sad celebration and sad is not this slot machine either.

Pumkin Smash design and design.

Graphically, Pumking Smash is an explosion of colors. The symbols are detailed and the colors are strong, just like Mexico is. The music, on the other hand, calms it down a bit fortunately. Had this graphic been combined with wild mariachi tones, it would have scared many players away, but no Yggdrasil knows what they are doing with the music so they balance it all.

About Pumkin Smash.

Pumkin Smash is played over 5 reels and 3 reels, so it is in many ways a classic slot machine. In addition, Pumkin Smash has 20 fixed payment lines that go from left to right. Before you start playing, you should of course make sure that the bet is set to a level that you are happy with, and here you can adjust as much as 2 kroner and up to 1000 kroner. This means that it is a slot machine that is suitable for both small players and those who like slightly higher stakes.

The RTP or payback percentage of the machine is 96.2% and it has medium to low volatility. This last means that it is relatively easy to win on Pumkin Smash, but the winnings are relatively small. This gives us a perfect automaton for the Halloweens celebration where we can have a long and entertaining gaming session.

Bonus games and features.

Bonus Games.

If you manage to spin two or more pumpkin symbols during the game, you get to the bonus game. In the bonus game, you should thus be able to crush between two to five pumpkins, which will then give you between 2 to 20 prizes each. The bigger the pumpkin you crush, the bigger the prize it contains. The pumpkin prizes are as follows: 3 or more pumpkin symbols activate free spins. You can get a multiplier with values ​​between x2 and x7 or you can get from between 5 and up to 2000 coins.

Pumkin Smash of Yggdrasil - Review

Free Spins.

If you get between 1 and 5 bonus symbols on your reels in free spins mode, you will be rewarded with pumpkins. Inside the bonus game you will be able to win between 2 and 20 prizes per pumpkin.

Our thoughts on the game.
The slot machine Pumkin Smash of Yggdrasil - Review

It may not be our new favorite game, but it is a game that fits perfectly when the fall darkness begins to creep in and Halloween is approaching. You do not want to win the very big prizes and we miss having a little more control over the bonus game. We would have liked to be able to choose which pumpkin to crush, but we still like the vending machine.

It is a classic slot machine with a modern twist. The main game itself might have been a bit more entertaining, but the nice thing is that the bonus game is activated relatively frequently and it quickly makes the game more entertaining. Maximum winnings in the game are € 36,000 or just over € 360,000 and this is definitely something that makes the autumn darkness a little brighter.

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