Reptoid’s graphic image is reminiscent of the 1960s style and the Cold War. We find an Alien Detector Field, or detector frame that scans across the wheels and reveals reptoids in leadership positions around the world. The game has a wonderful graphic image and a delightful soundscape that transports us back to old movies about scary conspiracies. In the background as we play, we hear sounds like distorted voices, low in the background, and above this lies the kind of music used when building up to a climax in an old movie. Just fit scary in other words.

About the slot machine.

Reptoid is played over five reels and three rows, so the slot machine is quite traditional in the scheme. It also has 20 fixed paylines, which go from left to right, so it offers no surprises there either. You can adjust your bet from as little as 10 cents up to 100 €. The maximum payout you can earn is 500,000 coins, which with maximum effort could give you a suitably big prize.

The Reptoid detector scans across the reels as you play and should it identify a reptoid behind one of the humans, these will turn into wilds and possibly help you to a prize.

The vending machine has a calculated RTP, or payback percentage of 96.1%. This means that over an undetermined time, 96.1 out of 100 will return to the players. The variance of the slot machine is around the medium. You can of course play with autoplay and you can set up to a maximum of 1000 autopins. So you can actually start the game, go to dinner and come back, maybe to find out that you have become a millionaire.

Symbols in Reptoids.

The symbols in the Reptoids are many and beautiful. There is a white haired man in what appears to be a higher position. Perhaps he is president of one of the world’s most powerful countries. This is the highest paying symbol. Then the military man, probably also very much after all the medals and the three stars on the shoulders to judge. Next comes a woman with burgundy hat on the list of the most paying symbols, then a man with glasses, a woman with red hair and blue hat and finally a policeman. When these are revealed by the reptoid detector, which we will get into further down, the symbols turn into wilds and can give good payouts.

The less paying symbols in the slot machine Reptoids are military awards and medals with stars and angles that are used in many different armies to show the rank of the wearer.

Reptoid Detector Function.

Reptoids of Yggdrasil - Review

The Reptoid detector is, as we have seen so far, a window that scans arbitrarily over your wheels and should it stop over one of the faces in the symbols we talked about in the previous section, then the person will be revealed as the reptoid and the symbol will be transformed to the wild, with the added chances of winning.

Reptoid free spin feature.

Should the reptoid detector happen to stop over a scatter symbol (which, by the way, is symbolized with gold coins), it will trigger the free spin feature and you will be rewarded with 7 free spins. While this feature is active and you spin your free spins, all revealed reptoids will remain as wilds for the rest of the spin. Two additional free spins will also be added each time two reptoids have been revealed, up to a maximum of 6 extra spins. Should all six Reptoids be revealed in the bonus round, you will almost certainly win some mega prizes.

The slot machine Reptoids of Yggdrasil - Review

We enjoyed playing Reptoids. This is one of Yggdrasil Gaming’s better slot machines, and it’s not bad when you consider how many good slot machines this game developer has actually given us over the last couple of years. It is a graphically beautifully crafted slot game and the soundscape makes the experience perfect. We get a little bit of Alien feeling and a little bit of that conspiracy theory movie feeling where the president and the military who should be there to protect the people are actually the ones you can least trust.

In short, there is only one thing to do and it is to hang out at Yggdrasil Gaming’s Reptoids to take your part of the job to resist the invasion of the nefarious Reptoids. Remember a prize of 500,000 coins can be yours as a reward for the effort. You can play Reptoids at many of our recommended Norwegian casinos online.

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