This beautiful game Rise of Olympus from Play’n Go came on the market on August 22, 2018. And as you may have already guessed, this slot machine takes us to ancient Greece. Here we are greeted by some of the ancient gods of Greek mythology. You should not have long looked at ancient mythology until you establish that Greek, Roman and Norse mythology has much in common.

And if you are a fan of games from Play’n Go then you will also see, when you load the game that the game arrangement in Rise of Olympus has a lot in common with the games Viking Runecraft and Gemix, but do not think that this means that Play’n Go just driving and copying old gaming successes for nothing is far from the truth. The Rise of Olympus holds an amazingly high standard and it is wonderfully well done.

Let’s take a closer look at the Rise of Olympus.

As we mentioned above, the Rise of Olympus is really well done. But if you know the Play’n Gos casino slots from before then it probably won’t surprise you. Rather, on the contrary, because you know that the list is already high. The graphics in the game are great and the gods appear just as you would expect a god to do, and while we’re at it, what’s better than playing casino with the gods on their side?

The gods in the Rise of Olympus are Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Zeus is the head of the gods and can be compared to the Norse Odin. Poseidon is comparable to Aegir and they were masters of the sea. Hades has its equal in the Northern Hell and these were what ruled the underworld or the realm of death. So then you know who you have on your side during the game.

How to play Rise of Olympus.

The first thing to do when loading the game is of course to check if the bet level suits your playing style and budget, and adjust the bet if needed. You can adjust this from as little as 20 cents or 2 kroner and up to 100 € which corresponds to around 1000 kroner. Once that is done you can choose to spin manually or you can put on auto spins and sit back to just follow along.

How to create profitable situations in the Rise of Olympus.

Creating winnings in the Rise of Olympus is not difficult, because all you have to do is get three identical symbols in a row and it doesn’t matter if the row starts from left or right and whether it goes horizontally or vertically. So it was just to go ahead and hope that these Greek gods manage to transfer their strengths to us dead casino players and in that way help us gain great wealth.

Rise of Olympus of Playn Go - Review
Features of Rise of Olympus.

The Hand of God The.

Slot Machine offers several exciting features and one of these has Play’n Go called the Hand of God. This is a feature that can be triggered randomly on non-profit spins. One of the gods is chosen and, as you know, each has its own unique and unique ability and this will now be used to create winning combinations for you! A new god will assist you each time the function is triggered. After the function has performed its work, the game round will continue as normal.

If it’s Hades, which is activated in this feature then a set of symbols will be randomly selected from the screen and they will then be transformed into another symbol

Should Poseidon activated then 1 or 2 wilds be added to the schedule

if there is Zeuseven if activated, two sets of symbols from your game plan will be destroyed and new symbols will appear in their place.

The slot machine Rise of Olympus of Playn Go - Review

The Wrath of Olympus.

Being exposed to the wrath of a god is something you would not normally strive for. But as usual in slot machines, everything that is normally negative turns into something positive. As you play, the meter on the left will fill up and when it is full the free round of Olypus’ Wrath will be triggered. The meter has three parts and it will be filled when you get rewarding combinations of god symbols. These symbols are beautiful shields decorated with different drawings that denote each of the gods. A helmet in the form of a bull for Hades, a wooden fork for Poseidon and a lightning bolt for Zeus.

If you get five symbols in a combination then three sections will fill up in the meter. Four symbols fill two sections and three symbols in a combination fill one section. As soon as one section is full you will get one free spin and three Hand of God features will be activated one after the other, giving you more chances of winning combinations.

Free spins.

It may not be easy to get to this round, but it is definitely worth the effort. The free spins round can be activated when you manage to clear a whole row of symbols. When that happens you will have the opportunity to choose one of the three gods and each of these will reward you with different types of free spins. You will be able to get 4, 5 or 8 free spins. Choosing fewer spins involves a greater risk, but you play for a higher yield. During the free spin round, the god you selected will be active so that a non-rewarding spin will trigger the Hand of God feature of that god.

The maximum coin gain in the slot is 1 million coins and it can be quite a lot of money if you play with the highest bet.

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