You will be able to play Serengeti Kings from mobile devices, data, smart TVs and other devices where you can load a relatively updated browser. Graphically, the game is beautifully executed. After all, NetEnt has made its players a little spoiled by the sound and graphics of the games and this is of course no exception. The game is drawn and the images are full, colorful and inviting. It is clear that NetEnt does not save resources when it comes to developing games. At the same time, you have managed to make the game itself appear simple and almost classic when the game plan itself is loaded.

About the Serengeti Kings.

There is something about the name that almost makes us think of dance bands, but it is definitely not. Here’s the game for all the money. Serengeti Kings layout is the usual five reels that come with their four symbol heights. Winning situations come through spinning equal symbols across one of the game’s 26 fixed paylines. As usual, they go from left to right. And should you get winning combinations over more than one payline, only the highest paying line will apply.

Serengeti Kings has a payback percentage of between 96.2% and 96.7% depending on the features that are active. When it comes to the game’s volatility, it is at medium to high. This makes the game a little more exciting for the experienced player, but it can also be an expensive acquaintance, so keep it in mind. The game will be loaded at most casinos with a standard bet of € 1 or equivalent in another currency. Adjust this to a bet that suits you. Maximum winnings in Serengeti Kings are 1300 times your stake.

The symbols of Serengeti Kings.

That symbol with the highest value in the Serengeti Kings is the wild symbol, which in addition to being a wild symbol also has a value. If you get five wild symbols on your reels, for example, it will pay you 50 times your bet.

The other high-value symbols are of course the savannah kings, namely the lion and the panther. These can give you payouts of up to five times your stake. Then follow the symbols hyena, giraffe, zebra and cute suricates as the symbols that give you medium pay. The lower paying symbols are the classic A, K, Q, J and 10 from the deck, but here they have been decorated with the colors and patterns of some of Africa’s animals.

The features lion spins and panther spins.

As we mentioned initially, a feature will be activated every 12 spins and this is one of the features Lion spin or Panther spin. When a feature is activated, it will be advertised with the function’s name. However, the first game out will always be the lion spins and the cycle thus lasts twelve spins. Both the lion and the panther each have their own counter, one on each side of the game plan and during the round each will fill up their own counter.

Serengeti Kings of Netent

You will soon see that on the savannah, wildlife is active both night and day and this also appears in the Serengeti Kings. For example, you will see that when the lion spiders are active then images from life on the savannah during the day will appear and when the panther spiders are active then the life on the savannah at night will be displayed.

Here’s how the features work.

Once you have reached round # 12, whether it is lion spins or whether it is panther spinning, the symbols lion or panther, which you have accumulated, will be placed at random symbol spaces on your reels. Should one or more of these symbols land on top of an identical symbol that was already in the symbol space, a multiplier of +1 will be awarded. This will also happen if a wild symbol lands on top.

However, one important thing is that the symbols accumulate in relation to your efforts. So if you change your bet while you have symbols gathered on one side or the other, your counters will be reset.

The bonus round with free spins.

As usual, the scatter symbols bring you into the free game. You do this by spinning three pieces of scatter and it is the same where on the wheels they land. The number of scatter spins you make determines how many free spins you get. For example, three scatter symbols will give you 12 free spins and the lion and panther counters will be set to 0.

Four scatterers will give you twelve free spins, but this time the number of symbols you had in the counters will be kept. 5 scatter gives you twelve free spins once again, but this time not only keeps the counters where they stood when the game was triggered, it will also add 5 extra symbols to each counter.

Buy access to the bonus round.

This is an opportunity that we have seen in several new games and thus gives the player the opportunity to buy in to the free spins round. Whether it pays to be up to the individual to consider from game to game.

The slot machine Serengeti Kings of Netent


Serengeti Kings is a great game that we believe many Norwegian players will enjoy. It is a game with above-average volatility, and it makes it interesting for the more experienced casino players as well. However, the maximum prize is only around 1300 times your bet, which in turn makes the game less interesting to many.

The regular player, on the other hand, who plays for a few hours of entertainment and entertainment will have fun by the Serengeti Kings. Feel free to try it at one of our recommended casinos on your mobile .

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