In Tahiti Gold, our hero from the first vending machine in the series, the adventurer Kane, has traveled to the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. The first vending machine, ie Ecuador Gold became a huge success and it therefore became natural with a sequel, so let’s see what it has to offer.

Elk Studios tells about the game’s background.

After a successful trip in Ecuador, Kane has jumped on the plane to go home and take a well-deserved break. However, fate will be different and suddenly the aircraft rotors will start to stutter. The aircraft quickly loses altitude and in the distance, a volcanic island appears to be the only rescue. Kane lands quite brutally, but comes full-skinned from the emergency landing, only to find himself surrounded by not particularly friendly natives. However, the native’s dislike for the newcomer quickly disappears as they discover Kane’s tattoo of Tiki’s eye on his left shoulder. Kane has suddenly become a returning king and he is overloaded with gold and riches.

About Tahiti Gold.

Tahiti Gold is played over six reels and four rows. Although it really is not about wheels, more about symbol spaces, plus if the Eye of Tiki function is activated then the symbol rows increase from four to six rows and in other words give you more profit opportunities.

You can adjust your bet from as little as NOK 2 and up to NOK 1000 or equivalent in another currency. The biggest possible win is at 5000 times your bet, so you quickly realize that it might be worthwhile for you to join Kane to Tahiti. However, keep in mind that Tahiti Gold is a slot machine with high volatility. That means you can probably win a lot, but this also lets you lose pretty much pretty quickly.

The payback percentage of Tahiti Gold is 96.1%, which can be considered a normal payout percentage. It is when you see this in the context of the strike rate of 22.5% that you realize that the vending machine has a fairly high volatility.

Tahiti Gold on mobile.

Elk Studios always develops all their games first and foremost with the view that they are played on mobile devices. The fact that they work excellently and look good on computer also, can basically be viewed as a plus, because the main focus is mobile phone and mobile casinos .

Symbols in the slot machine Tahiti Gold.

Apart from the symbols wild, scatter etc which represent functions, we find symbols that when they form a winning combination result in a payout of winnings. These symbols are, in descending order of value: Kane himself, who for the occasion wears a gold crown and a huge gold jewelery, followed by three bitches, one blue, one turquoise and one green, then follows four symbols of reptiles and four nature-inspired symbols. So these are 12 symbols that pay out. The reptile and nature symbols are thus the group of lower paying symbols, the ones that often other slot machines are represented with symbols from the deck.

Tahiti Gold of ELK Studio - review

Just like the first slot machine in the series, Tahiti Gold also offers big symbols that can fill anything from the standard size of 1×1, to 2×2 and to mega symbols across 3×3 symbol spaces. These are very valuable symbols because they count on how many standard symbol spaces they fill.

The breed function avalanche.

As in the previous game, we also have a breed function called avalanche. You probably recognize this from other games and what happens is that once you fill up a payline, the symbols that made up the payline and the symbols above will explode and fill the empty spaces. The upper seats are then filled with new symbols falling from above.

Wild Forge.

When the Wild Forge symbol, which can land on reels 3, 4, 5 and 6, appears, it will be locked. All symbol spaces below this will then be cleared during an avalanche and filled with wilds. If you are really lucky then you can get a seven seat high row of wilds.

Eye of Tiki.

This feature is represented by a pyramid with an eye in it. It is somewhat reminiscent of the omnipresent eye that you will also find on eg US dollar bills. Should you accidentally spin three pieces of them, they will be joined together by a beam of light and all the symbols that are within the frame formed will be removed and new symbols will be added from above.

Free Drops Bonus.

These are like free spins to count and they are triggered by the bonus symbols. If you get three pieces of these you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. If you get 4, 5 or 6 bonus symbols you get 15, 20 and 25 free spins respectively. Several free spins can be triggered during the free drops round.

The slot machine Tahiti Gold of ELK Studio - review


If possible, the graphics are even better in Tahiti Gold than it was in Ecuador Gold and it is beautiful. But the best part is that Tiki Gold has twice as much profit potential as the previous one, plus it comes with some new features. As a result, we have good faith that this will be the new gaming favorite for many of Elk Studios fans. Try this and other games from Elk Studios at one of our recommended online casinos .

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