Temple of Nudges is a simple game, without major innovations, without showcasing new features. But thanks to NetEnt’s long game development experience, they still manage to make Temple of Nudges an exciting game. The virtues or nudges are a major contributing reason why playing makes us keep going and keep spinning.

There’s something about Temple of Nudges that reminds us of other games. It is also not unusual, because we have several vending machines that have taken us to some temple in the jungle. An example of this is the Jaguar Temple . Of course, crystals are often used in symbols and animals carved in crystals that we have seen before.

About the slot machine Temple of Nudges.

Temple of Nudges is one of the modern casino slot machines with around medium to high variance. That means you can win relatively much, but it can take a good chunk of your budget to spin them forward. The maximum win is 87.5 times your stake. The game’s payback percentage is 96.03%.

Before you start spinning you should of course adjust your bet a bit and you do this by adjusting up or down levels and coin value. This can be set from as little as NOK 2.50 and up to NOK 2,500.

The machine comes with the usual 5 wheels and 3 rows and it offers 243 toll roads.

There is no annoying or interesting music in Temple of Nudges, so you won’t be tired of turning it off. You may want to have a sound without it being troublesome, unless you have a sound and do not spin, then it can be a bit troublesome. But let’s take a look at what the automaton has to offer of symbols, functions and fun.

The symbols in the slot machine.

The best-paying symbols in the Temple of Nudges are animals we could expect to see in the jungle. The animals are all nicely carved in crystal, or they are rather gems they are carved from. The symbols are in descending order of value: A feline carved out of a red rock. Maybe it’s a jaguar carved out of a ruby. The next is a small animal with a trunk. Maybe it’s a harness, but it basically looks more like an ant swallow. This one is carved out of a yellow stone, maybe topaz. This symbol is followed by a green sloth. Probably of emerald, this is then followed by a blue monkey. Maybe of sapphire.

The group of lower paying symbols are not symbols from the deck. On the other hand, they are unique and certainly belong to a secret written language.

Nudge Feature.

A nudge is a small push, and in a slot machine it obviously means a push in the right direction, that is, the one that brings us closer to a win. This will be activated here when we spin out a profitable combination. Once the winnings have been added then the reels will move down a symbol space and if this gives you additional prize combinations then you will also make this winnings.

Temple of Nudges of Netent - Review

New nudge can be activated indefinitely as long as new winning combinations are created.


Revolving is another feature offered by Temple of Nudge. This will be activated when the respinn symbol appears during a winning round. During the spin, all symbols of the same kind as the winning symbol will remain on your game plan and all other symbols will spin again.

The slot machine Temple of Nudges of Netent - Review

This is another great game from NetEnt. It is wonderfully uncomplicated and does not require greater effort from us to understand what is happening on screen. But this does not in any way detract from the excitement. The game runs reasonably fast and pace is often something that helps on a relatively simple slot machine and takes up the excitement a few notches extra. On the other hand, it also means that you should pay close attention to your funds, as these can be emptied a little faster than you are otherwise accustomed to.

We recommend that you try the game at one of our recommended online casinos . Like all new games this also works great in mobile and is primarily designed to work well in casino on mobile.

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