The Falcon Huntress’s Thunderkick Slot Machine came on the market on February 7, 2018 and draws its inspiration from a 2016 movie called The Eagle Huntress. So you see that to avoid rights issues and such, the eagle has become a falcon. The movie slot machine build over is thus about a young woman from the Mongolian minority Kazakh who lives as nomads in Mongolia.

There, it is common to use eagles as a help to drive fox hunting. Plus, the hunters compete with their eagles in a competition called The Golden Eagle (the Golden Eagle). But the small Mongolian community is a very patriarchal society, so it is not easy for the young woman to be accepted as a hunter and to participate in the competition.

The game arrangement in The Falcon Huntress.

Falcon Huntress is a slot machine that comes with the usual five reels and three rows and it has 9 paylines. Compared to other slot machines, it may sound like being at least made, but the number of paylines doesn’t have to say anything about the slot’s volatility. That said, The Falcon Huntress is a slot machine with high volatility. It will please some and others not so much. Slot Machine has an RTP, or payback percentage of 96.1%, which means that over a given period of time (which is not known), 96.1% of what is wagered on the slot machine will return to the players.

The Falcon Huntress of Thunderkick

This in no way means that you as a player can count on losing only 3.9 of every hundred kroner wagered. Before you start playing, we always recommend that you take a look at the stake and adjust it to fit your budget. On this slot machine you can bet as little as 1 kroner and as much as 1000 kroner on a single spin. Our experience is that it never pays to play with the least effort, we prefer to lie about. in the middle of the tree. If you can play with higher stakes, it probably pays even more. The maximum gain in The Falcon Huntress is supposed to be 10050 times your bet.

Symbols and functions.

The wild symbol in The Falcon Huntress is a scatter and it is symbolized by a falcon. This replaces all other symbols and if you get three of them it will trigger the bonus game which consists of three free spins. If you enter the bonus game, you get three or more wild symbols left, and it will give you ten extra free spins. This symbol is the slot machine’s most important symbol and it will give you 1.5, 10, 50 or 500 times your bet as you get 2, 3, 4 or 5 of them on a payline.

Expanding Win.

Expanding win or, thus, extended winnings is a feature that can occur on any winning spin during the main game. When triggered, all winning symbols will be expanded individually and can only happen once per symbol. In addition, the wild symbol cannot be expanded. In the bonus game, all winnings will be expanded in the same way as in the main game.

The Falcon Huntress of Thunderkick - Review
Symbols in The Falcon Huntress.

The symbols in the slot machine will be understood by everyone who has seen the movie about The Eagle Huntress. First and foremost, we have the young girl who wants and succeeds in becoming an eagle hunter. She is dressed in traditional clothes. This is the symbol that pays the best.

Then comes an “ayak baus” which is used to decorate the eagle and then an egg. The egg is important because an eagle must be caught by the eagle-hunter just at the time of being able to fly, but not old enough for the parents to kick it out to do it on their own. Then comes a feather and then finally the symbols you know so well from the deck. Namely A, K, Q, J and 10.

The slot machine The Falcon Huntress of Thunderkick

The Falcon Huntress looks like and is basically a simple slot machine game and we know many a our readers will appreciate. It’s easy to set up and it’s easy to understand. Still, it is a slot machine that is very exciting to play, perhaps precisely because of its high volatility. Particularly exciting is the feature with expandable winnings that can be triggered randomly in the main game where a symbol expands to cover an entire wheel. This feature greatly increases your chances of winning, especially if you manage to spin it on a high-value symbol, such as the Falcon Hunter himself.

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