The Trolls Bridge from Yggdrasil is not about the troll lying under his bridge and wants to eat the goats who are going to sit down to get fat. Here you will hit four different trolls. None of them are particularly sharp and they come in different shades of green.

Yggdrasil Gaming does not ask you to be repelled by the trolls’ brutal behavior. They are hiding amazing surprises. Free spin features and click and pick bonuses with high payouts. Here are extra wilds, free spins, multipliers and here’s even the Golden Bet, a feature worth its weight in gold. So join us over the magic bridge if you dare, the visit can be very profitable!

About the slot machine Trolls Bridge.

Trolls Bridge is played like most online slot machines over five reels and three rows. Otherwise, the vending machine has 20 fixed paylines that go from left to right. It has an RTP of 97% and is around medium to high variance. You can even slightly adjust the variance by activating Golden Bet or not. The maximum profit you can extract from a spin in the Trolls Bridge is as much as € 250,000 or £ 2.5 million.

The slot machine Trolls Bridge of Yggdrasil

Before you start spinning you should adjust your bet, and you can do so using the arrows that are located in the lower left corner of the game plan. The minimum possible bet on the slot machine is NOK 2 and the highest possible bet per spin is NOK 2000.

Symbols in the Trolls Bridge.

As we mentioned in one of the sections above, we hit four different trolls in this slot machine. They are of the green, kind and less intelligent type. Naturally, these are the best-paying symbols in the slot machine and they are in descending order of value a troll with red punk hair, a troll on a purple background, a troll on a green background and a troll on a blue background. After these come the symbols we know from the deck, namely hearts, spades, clovers and squares. These only appear in type not with the picture card that many slot machines have, ie 10, jack, lady, king and ace.

Free spins mode – Free spins mode.

You will be rewarded with free spins if you manage to spin 3 or more free spins symbols. You will recognize them as some golden trolls. The nice thing about the free spins in this slot machine is that you not only get regular free spins, since they come with something called bonus feature picks. When free spins are activated, the gate will open and you can enter and descend into the trolls treasure chest where you will be able to get wonderful bonuses.

That said, you need to get at least three symbols to activate the free spins mode and this will give you 6 free spins that are spiced up with three bonus features. If, on the other hand, you spin 4 symbols, you get 8 free spins spiced with four bonus symbols and if you have managed to spin 5 free spin symbols, it will offer you 10 free spins and 5 bonus features.

Trolls Bridge of Yggdrasil - Review

The bonus features you get are hidden behind a series of cards lying on a barrel with the image side down. You select cards and the bonus feature that will be activated is revealed.

bonus Features of Trolls Bridge.

The bonus features you can be rewarded with are as follows: 2-3 free spins, 1 troll turns into wild, 1-2 random wilds per spin, 1 troll gets super stacked, 1 pastes wild on reels 2 and 4 and finally a x2 multiplier on all gains.

Bonus symbol and bonus stone.

These are symbols that can only appear in the main game, but when they do, big things happen. The bonus symbol can only land on the fifth and final reel and it will reward you directly with lots of free spins with bonus features or cash prizes. The bonus stone feature is activated randomly during the game and it can reward you with multipliers of up to 5 times or you can gain winnings on unprofitable spins.

What you can win on the bonus pot are 10 free spins with five features, 8 free spins with four features, 6 free spins with three features, 1000 coins, 500 coins, 200 coins, 100 coins or 40 coins.

If you get a bonus stone (it is a stone that lands on your reels as if thrown with a catapult), it then explodes and reveals the prize which can be a x5 multiplier, x4 multiplier, x3 multiplier, x2 multiplier on the winning spin. And if you did not win the spin then the stone will give you a consolation prize of 1000 coins, 500 coins, 200 coins or 100 coins.

The slot machine Trolls Bridge of Yggdrasil - Review

Our thoughts on Trolls Bridge.

This is not, in our opinion, Yggdrasil’s best slot machine. Don’t misunderstand us, it’s a very good slot machine, and much better than many of the slots we see launching in the cab and torment of other game providers out there. But from Yggdrasil Gaming’s portfolio we have other favorites, such as Baron Samedi. Nevertheless, Trolls Bridge is definitely worth a few spins and especially for us who have been spotted with adventures about trolls. Feel free to try the slot machine Trolls Bridge at one of our recommended casino sites

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