Elk Studios launched Valkyrie to mobile casinos on December 4, 2018. Most people have heard the word valkyrje, but not all of us have quite clear what a valkyrje really is. However, whale churches come from Nordic mythology and these are female death squads. It is the election churches who choose which of the warriors will fall in the battle and it is these who bring the brave warriors who fell in the battle to Åsgard. It is not for anyone to bear such a burden as it actually is to make such choices, for they not only choose who goes to Valhall, they also decide who goes to Helheim. The Valkyries are dressed in full war gear.

About Valkyrie.

The Goddess Frøya, the love goddess, is on the bottom left of the game plan and follows you through the game and on your journey through Midgard. The Valkyries are here at your service and their weapons are your tools. It is the Gane, Helena, Andora and Tyrsa election churches that will help you through the journey on this variety of slot machines .

How to play at Valkyrie.

Valkyrie is played over the traditional 5 reels and 4 rows. The slot machine is filled with stacked free spins, wild symbols and it has a whopping 1024 fixed prize-winning combinations. We always recommend that you adjust the bet level after loading the game. Set it to a level of effort that suits your budget, style of play and mood.

At Valkyrie you can adjust your bet from 2 kroner to as much as 1000 kroner, or if you play at a casino that uses the euro as its currency then it becomes from 2 euro cent to 100 €. The RTP or payback percentage of the machine is 96.3%. But here we would, as usual, warn that this does not mean that you can count on sitting back with $ 96.30 after playing $ 100. That’s not the way it works.

Valkyrie is also a slot machine with high volatility, which means you can win big prizes, but it can often be a long time in between. Therefore, it is not a slot machine that you play if you have a limited budget. This is a machine for those we like to call big players.

Game symbols.

Valkyrie has three sets of symbols. These are the ones we can almost count on by default and they are the ones we know from the deck, namely J, Q, K and A. The first two, J and Q have the same value and so do K and A. The second set with symbols are objects we often associate with the Vikings.

It is a hammer that is surely Thor’s hammer Møljner, a sword with a snake, a wolf that may be the Fenris Wolf, and the iron glove that Tor used to hold Mjølner. The third group of symbols is the four electoral churches Gane, Helena, Andora and Tyrsa. The symbols can come in several sizes that cover more symbol spaces on your wheels. It can be 2×2, 2×3 and 3×3.

The game also offers three amazing bonus features, namely The Shield of Chance, The Arrow of Fortune and The Sword of Destiny. We will look at these further down further.

Free spins.

If you spin three free spins symbols you will be rewarded with 5 free spins. Four free spins symbols give you 7 free spins and if you were able to spin five free spins symbols you get 10 free spins.

Valkyrie from Netent - Review

The best thing about the free spins round is that you can get new free spins while you spin with free spins, so you can be rewarded with 10 new free spins.

bonus Spin.

onus spin is not quite the same as a free spin. Bonus spins are triggered randomly as you play. However, you will immediately be aware that something is happening before the wheels will light up and you will then be rewarded with three to five bonus spins. This will also trigger one of Freya’s three features that we mentioned above, namely The Arrow of Fortune, The Shield of Chance or The Sword of Destiny. The bonus spins are also progressively built up, so the more bonus symbols you get, the greater the chance of big winnings.

Features of Valkyrie.

We realized that Frøya can award you one of three features when you win bonus spins. Now we will look at what each person entails.

The Shield of Chance feature

Frøya raises her shield and channels Odin’s strength as she lights up your wheels. Now more shields will be raining wildly over the reels and all the shields glued to the reels will be turned into wild, giving you even more chances to make huge rewards.

The function The Sword of Destiny

Frøya raises its sword and it exerts its strength. Now magic swords will fly over reels 2, 3 and 4. If a sword lands on one wheel then the entire wheel will turn into wild. Swords landing on the center reels maximize the winning potential.

The slot machine Valkyrie from Netent - Review

The Arrow of Fortune feature

Frøya raises her bow and aims at Åsgard’s sky and then shoots up three arrows. When they land the flames dribble off, epic symbols will be revealed in one of these sizes: 2 × 2, 2 × 3 or 3 × 3. This is a feature with enormous potential and with rewards that exceed all expectations.

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Accepted Countries: UK, Canada, Ireland
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