The intro to the game Wild Seas is definitely worth a visit. It is exciting and it is elaborate. Just as expected by this Scandinavian game developer. The music is nothing further, it just lies there in the background and can get a little tiring after a while. The great thing about games from Elk Studios is that you can turn off the music and still keep the sounds in the game, so we do it and lose none of the excitement as it builds up, without the violins damaging the nerves.

Wild Seas was launched on the Norwegian market on January 11, 2018 and it comes with a fresh and salty sea spray and is a game that every Norwegian with salt water over the years will have great pleasure to play.

Wild Seas slot machine.

Wild Seas is played over five reels and four rows and has a total of 178 different winning combinations and you will find it at all of our best online casinos. It has an average payback percentage or RTP of 96.3% and the game developer itself states that the slot has a volatility calculated to be around the medium. This means that it is a nicely balanced slot game where you win suitably frequently with suitably large winnings. The maximum profit you can make in Wild Seas is € 178,000, or almost NOK 2 million. The minimum bet is € 0.2 and the largest possible bet is € 100

Wild Seas of ELK Studio

If you’ve played at any of Elk Studios slot machines before, then you may have noticed that they are equipped with something they call betting strategies. These are game strategies, where you can set yours according to your playing style. If you choose no one then the standard that is Optimize will be set for you.

Wild symbols and bonus symbols.

It is the flag of the pirate boat that is the game’s wild symbol. There is a black flag with white print and Wild Seas is written over it. This symbol replaces all other symbols on a winning line. If you get two of these, the first level of the slot machine bonus game is started. It is called Break the Convoy and we will get into that further down.

Break the Convoy.

After all, a convoy is a caravan or a series of vessels or vehicles and breaking the convoy means attacking one of the vessels and getting rid of the values. So in the best pirate spirit. This is the level 1 bonus game and here you come if you get two flag symbols on the reels two and four.

One of the captains on your reels will be randomly selected as an opponent, replacing all other captains during the spin. The spin starts with a convoy of ships covering the entire fifth wheel. If a pirate ship sails on reel four and fires its cannons at ships on the same reel. Three hits on a ship will lower it and reveal the captain’s treasure chest.

If no ship is sunk during the bonus game then the bonus game will end.

Wild Seas of ELK Studio - Review
Loots the Treasures.

This is the second bonus game in the slot machine and it is started by free spins wild in all places where there is a captain’s treasure chest. The goal is to add as many sticky wilds chests as possible and collect all the treasures. Wheels two, three and four will all be filled with treasure chests. But beware because if a bomb barrel shows up on wheels one is the father of the ferry. They are filled with gunpowder and we all know how unstable gunpowder of the time was. If the barrel explodes then the bonus game will end.

Wild Seas on mobile devices.

Elk Studios does not hide that with them, it is the mobile devices that have priority. All games are therefore designed to work on mobile. They also work on data, of course, but that’s not where the priority lies. You can play both portrait mode and landscape mode, just flip your phone over and the game will adapt.

The slot machine Wild Seas of ELK Studio
Our thoughts on Wild Seas.

As always, we have great fun playing at Elk Studios games. While this is probably not the most advanced of their games, it still offers many hours of excellent entertainment and the launch of a game with a female protagonist well in advance of Women’s Day in March, which we especially appreciate.

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