Wolf Hunters is, like all Yggdrasil Gaming games, beautifully completed. The graphics are reminiscent of old horror movies. The pictures are great, detailed and the colors combine perfectly and so does the music. Yggdrasil rarely disappoints with their games and neither do they this time. Once again we have got a game of the highest class and we love the timing.

About Wolf Hunters.

Wolf Hunters play over the classic five reels and three rows. So no innovation there, but why innovate when it works. The vending machine has 20 fixed payment lines that go from left to right. You will see that it has seven standard symbols and if you get three or more of them on a payline, it will make a profit.

The first thing to do when loading a game is of course to check the bet level setting it to an amount that fits your playing style and not least your budget. Here it is easy for the paylines are fixed as mentioned and there are no more levels to play on. The minimum bet is € 1 or € 0.1 if you want and the highest bet is € 1000 or € 100 if you play in euros. The slot machine’s RTP, which is a percentage that indicates the game’s payback percentage over time, is at 96.3%.

However, that does not mean you can expect to be left with $ 963 out of every $ 1,000 played. The variance of Wolf Hunters ranges from about medium to high. This means that you can’t expect to win frequently on Wolf Hunters, but the rewards are often a little higher.

The game arrangement in Wolf Hunters.

Every time a werewolf attacks an innocent, a wolf hunter will be activated and you will have a chance to turn the werewolf into a wild symbol. If you succeed, the wild symbol will remain glued to the reels while the reels are spun and at least two of the three gauges will be filled. You will recognize them as two round containers filled with a teal liquid one on the left and one on the right and a red line over the wheels. These are called Hunters collections and the Werewolf collection respectively.

Free spins.

Wolf Hunters has three free spin modes, if you like bonuses then have a look at our casino bonus section . But back to the game’s bonus game. We all know that in the bonus game the big things happen, so let’s take a look at what chances we have.

The standard free spin round can be reached by spinning forward two scatterers on the reels and the other two you can reach by filling up the gauges.

Standard Free Spins.

Spin two bonus symbols on a single game while playing in the main game. You will instantly be rewarded with 10 free spins. It is also worth noting that you can be rewarded with even more free spins inside the bonus game. As usual, free spins are spun with the same effort that triggered the spins.

Wolf Hunters of Yggdrasil - Review
Hunter free spins.

If you should have filled your gauges and received 100 hunter points, you will receive 10 free spins. In this round the angry hunter will be upgraded (see below) Here the hunter will attack a werewolf and thereby double your chances of making the symbol a wild symbol. This gives you a chance to activate the hunter’s special features that are spreading wild symbols.

Butcher free spins.

If you reduce the Werewolf collection to 0. This is the red gauge over your wheels, and a gauge showing the werewolf’s health condition will activate Slayer Free Spins. Now the werewolf symbols will turn into wild symbols and almost guarantee you wonderful big winnings. So now it’s just brushing your silver bullets because now it’s time for werewolf hunting.


If you get three hunter bonus symbols on your reels in the main game, you will be rewarded with free spins. If there are three male hunters then this will upgrade your hunter, plus you get two free spins. If your hunter defeats the werewolf then it will turn into a wild symbol and then expand a symbol space to the left.
If there are three female hunter symbols then the same as above will happen, with the only difference being that the wild symbol will move up and down with a symbol space.

You can experience having both the female and the male hunter upgraded at the same time.

The slot machine Wolf Hunters of Yggdrasil - Review


Wolf Hunters is a fantastic slot machine packed with features and excitement. You could almost think it would be too much and that the result would be confusing. But it is not. We look forward to turning off the lights and sitting in the twilight around Halloween playing Wolf Hunters and maybe spinning to the maximum profit of the game which is 15000 coins. With a maximum coin bet of € 20, it would be a pretty small sum of € 300,000 or around NOK 3 million.

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